How Encouraging is India for an Entreprenuer???????

Monday, April 11, 2011

Entreprenuer is the word you guys might have heard many times and i love this word specially in software industry. I have got various reasons to love this word but i was always thinking how encouraging is that for turning an enterprenuer in Indian software industry. Does really worth giving a shot to it??????

Well i believe USA or any developed nations have given enough courage and support for the citizens there to turn as an entreprenuer. I see there is lots of innovative projects or products or ideas being implemented in those nations. Starting from the ERA of Microsoft to era of Google at present or Era of Big computer machines to super Handy Ipads..

I believe there should be enough support from Government and also it should try to invest some money in such projects and insure these project so that they can recover the money which is spent on project in case of a failure. And if a person has invested a couple of years in entreprenuership and failed achieving his or her target and then wanted to opt for a normal software job.. these companies should be encouraging enough to hire them rather saying you are a looser. Yeah this is the biggest problem with Indian IT industry. The first and important thing we are lacking is Innovation and second most thing is Trust. One should have trust on the talent of Other person.

We always talk India is a devloping nation specially in software sector but think how many Big names from entreprenuer division are there from India. A guy is a college passed out is always thinking of a job because they know if they couldnt get a job immediately after they passedout it is highly impossible for them to get a job in future. ANd some may be extremely talented who can do miracles if they were given a change but the pitty thing is most of the managers in the Indian IT industry are normal employees how always think to impress clients or their Bosses but they never think out of BOX and this is because their companies never think of out of BOX.

Why not a big company can invest money and time in innovating OS like Android why cant a company like infy try to develop strong social media network like Facebook this is because they business model is different but this indifference is making India lagging in many things.

Its not only the fault of IT industry but also on Government sector... for example if one wanted to open up a small propreitorship company it takes 2 months with lots of strain beggin these govt officials to do their Job and for this one needs to bribe them.

The whole system has to change govt, private sectors has to change their views on Innovation. If one person turns to an interview saying he was an entreprenuer, then the company should appreciate his/her potential rather than rejecting them and this brings lots of enthu for the students to invest their time in innovative projects and even they fail to achive there will be always a belief that they will land up in some company to continue their career...


Igate annouces termination of certain staff from Patni

Monday, April 4, 2011

Patni employees have a bad news to hear this morning and this comes from the Company which is acquiring patni. IGate recently annouced in a filling to SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States), iGate has pegged the “onetime costs amounting to $14 million ($9.3 million net of tax) relating to the termination of the services of certain employees” post acquisition.

Well i feel this should be an alarming news for the employees of patni and i believe they should take no chance in getting terminated one sad day. This is again a bad move from another company after acquisition in an employee perspective not on management. And also one thing they confirmed is about retention of higher level employees (management).

I always believe there should be a prior notice to employees who may get terminated in future. Or they can still keep the employee with them paying low salary, till he gets an another job with in a limited period of time. Lets see how patni gonna deal with this.


youtube is the second largest Search engine tool.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Youtube one of the favourite sites to hangout is been ranked as world's second largest search engine. And you know what, this is owned by world's first largest search engine none other than Google. Youtube gradually increased tremondous traffic after it has been aquired by Google. Now what makes it interesting is how is google getting profit out of this as it never declared youtube as a revenue center...

Coming to Youtube it is now completed 6years in the industry and became the second largest search engine and i believe it has lot of potential in this because coming to search engines, Google and youtube differ a lot and Google is being used in all the sectors like education, Information technology, Daily needs, Transport etc but coming to Youtube i guess even it has got diversified sectors to rely upon but it is only related to videos and it still managed to be ranked 2nd in search engines where as it has some tough competetores like Bing, etc.

youtube gets two billion views a day, up 50% since 2009 and in india it has got 20 million unique visitors. I believe Facebook which is the furious competetor for google, helped youtube to increase its traffic a lot. Facebook gained popularity in India mostly on sharing the videos on it publicly and facebook being an famous mobile app in India now, eventually youtube got its popularity through facebook. I believe Facebook missed out this strategy while competing with Google.

If you talk about monetizing on youtube, it has already got Google ads and other brands advertising on the website which can make good money to youtube. Well Well lets see how the other search engines improvise their strategies in bringing up their traffic , nevertheless acquiring youtube was a very good move by Google and it proved that it is worth while.


whats all about Nokia and Microsoft Deal

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nokia confirmed its partnership with Microsoft which starts a news phase of mobile OS for Nokia. Now the question arises what happens to Symbian and its opensource project MeeGo.Wel Nokia has choseen Windows Phone 7 operating system on its mobile devices as its primary smartphone platform. With this deal, Microsoft Bing and other services are going to be featured on Nokia smartphones.Well what made Nokia to take this step???

Last couple of years , there is a huge competetion by Google and Apple. Specially Google Android is been a serious contendor for its competetors in the market and it has really captured the market to great extent. In the current scenarios Microsoft's windows phone 7 has done very good job in its sales, which may have attracted Nokia and not only market grip but also technical capabilities of window phone 7 os attracted Nokia, i believe.

Well Meego was much expected than what it is at present because Meego was a OS developed with the support of the chip maker giant "Intel". When Nokia says Meego would go down , Intel strongly contended saying it still has much scope and being an Opensource platform it can be much developed.Meego will still use QT where as Nokia developers are going to use Windows tools, Visual studio 2010 and XNA framework.

Now the big question is "what's the future of symbian". Well i see it doesnt have much future when looked on to this deal but still Nokia says it has a franchise model for symbian and it is still planning to release around 150 million symbian based phones in next year. Now i really wanted to look on what all the difference between symbian and Windows phone 7 OS and Android.

With all this happening around Nokia and Microsoft , lets see to what extent Nokia going to leverage the benefits of Microsoft OS and its gonna be a real game for Microsoft to show its capabilites, as it is paired up with one of the biggest mobilephone manufacturers and compete the opensource OS Android.


Texting vs Tweet, poke, check-in

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There is a survey done by Deloitte on death of text message due to impact of social network. And they confirmed smartphone users still use text option every day. Now one big question is what made Deloitte think in such a weird way.... yeah what am i saying is true..

Social network and regular communication between people using mobile cant be compared. I accept that social network is to get connected with the people but there is a question here.. just think when you wanted to say to friend "please come by 5 to so and so place" one would opt for a simple text rather than publishing or tweeting on social network. Texting is more personal when compared to social network which is more public.

There are manythings that cant be shared on social networks, i strongly belive tweeting or poking do not kill simple texting on mobile phones. tweeting and texting are lot different and they are ment for different purpose respecticely.

Deloitte found that 90pc of smartphone owners send at least one text message a day, compared to four in 10 who access social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, on their phones. Half of British adults access emails on their phones. Now surverying on usage of social network through mobile would be good, but comparing the usage of text option and usage of social network is not catchy.. this is just to say that we did a survey but which is of no use for us may be useful for Deloitte.



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