whats all about Nokia and Microsoft Deal

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nokia confirmed its partnership with Microsoft which starts a news phase of mobile OS for Nokia. Now the question arises what happens to Symbian and its opensource project MeeGo.Wel Nokia has choseen Windows Phone 7 operating system on its mobile devices as its primary smartphone platform. With this deal, Microsoft Bing and other services are going to be featured on Nokia smartphones.Well what made Nokia to take this step???

Last couple of years , there is a huge competetion by Google and Apple. Specially Google Android is been a serious contendor for its competetors in the market and it has really captured the market to great extent. In the current scenarios Microsoft's windows phone 7 has done very good job in its sales, which may have attracted Nokia and not only market grip but also technical capabilities of window phone 7 os attracted Nokia, i believe.

Well Meego was much expected than what it is at present because Meego was a OS developed with the support of the chip maker giant "Intel". When Nokia says Meego would go down , Intel strongly contended saying it still has much scope and being an Opensource platform it can be much developed.Meego will still use QT where as Nokia developers are going to use Windows tools, Visual studio 2010 and XNA framework.

Now the big question is "what's the future of symbian". Well i see it doesnt have much future when looked on to this deal but still Nokia says it has a franchise model for symbian and it is still planning to release around 150 million symbian based phones in next year. Now i really wanted to look on what all the difference between symbian and Windows phone 7 OS and Android.

With all this happening around Nokia and Microsoft , lets see to what extent Nokia going to leverage the benefits of Microsoft OS and its gonna be a real game for Microsoft to show its capabilites, as it is paired up with one of the biggest mobilephone manufacturers and compete the opensource OS Android.


Texting vs Tweet, poke, check-in

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

There is a survey done by Deloitte on death of text message due to impact of social network. And they confirmed smartphone users still use text option every day. Now one big question is what made Deloitte think in such a weird way.... yeah what am i saying is true..

Social network and regular communication between people using mobile cant be compared. I accept that social network is to get connected with the people but there is a question here.. just think when you wanted to say to friend "please come by 5 to so and so place" one would opt for a simple text rather than publishing or tweeting on social network. Texting is more personal when compared to social network which is more public.

There are manythings that cant be shared on social networks, i strongly belive tweeting or poking do not kill simple texting on mobile phones. tweeting and texting are lot different and they are ment for different purpose respecticely.

Deloitte found that 90pc of smartphone owners send at least one text message a day, compared to four in 10 who access social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, on their phones. Half of British adults access emails on their phones. Now surverying on usage of social network through mobile would be good, but comparing the usage of text option and usage of social network is not catchy.. this is just to say that we did a survey but which is of no use for us may be useful for Deloitte.


Twitter knocks off the Google-Facebook takeover statements

Twitter came back with a reply to the news on "Google/Facebook talks on aquiring twitter". Twitter CEO Dick Costolo made a clear statement that Twitter is not on sale and its planning to gain the grip on market to much extent when compared to present.

Twitter has already more than 130 million tweets a day and it shows twitter has no need to get sold off. On the news of aquisition , Twitter CEO said " People write that stuff all the time. I don't know where these things come from, it's just a rumour". I guess he missed out the point to note how powerfull the socialnetwork is and how fast the news can spread over :)

And he made clear that Twitter is already started making good amount of money and it is planning to introduce new techniques which makes some more money for them. Well Google and Facebook are yet to comment on the news which came out.


Update status on Facebook through Mobile or landline !!!

Facebook can be updated from your mobile, now one may think what's strange in this??????? yeah the strange thing is, it can be updated through your mobile but on voice. Not only from Mobile but can also be updated from landline. This is being done by a cloud service introduced by company named Ozonetel.

Facebook being the most popular social network platform, they believe this feature can be really helpfull for the users. But i guess calling from landline and updating facebook nopes it doesnt sound that catchy. There is no point in calling from landline and updating facebook. If the user doesnt have a computer or internet access , he will not be an internet savy and i believe they wont call from a landline and update Facebook and same goes with mobile.

I do not see this feature can be useful for the people to much extent. I only see this as company wanted to get exposed to the market by creating an unique app for facebook and yeah this can be useful to generate business for the company. I mean to say this idea is more on profit oriented but not a catchy or needfull thing for the users..

To register at Ozonetel's 'Cloud telephony platform' one has to log on to the Voice Buzz application and have to provide their phone number will not be shared with anyone .While logging on Facebook the user has to sync his Facebook account and to post the voice message one have to call 040-30512834 from his registered phone and can leave the voice message which will be instantly appear on Facebook feed.


Facebook and Google Gearing up to takeover Twitter?????

Friday, February 11, 2011

Twitter on sale????????? hmmmm its a big news though... the internet giant Google and Socialnetwork leader Facebook have held takeover talks with twitter. The amount on the bid is huge now.. its somewhere near $10 billion according to Wall street Journal.

Twitter has been a sensation in socialnetwork on internet and the new ways it adopted to build the network were incredible. Twitter was also pretty useful rather i would say it was poerful in marketting options.

Twitter is just four year old company and is been tough competetor for the internet giants like Facebook, Zynga and Linkedin. Twitter implemented many strategies to pull in the crowd which even facebook did. Twitter has gathered enough celebrities on to their site which pulled enormous crowd initially... and slowly it began to capture the market. Twitter apps supported by mobile phone which i felt one of the most important feature of this site... the funda is pretty simple... If the socialnetwork site suppports on any mobile device than that can be a pretty big thing.

Though Google is leading the online market and it has already got orkut in its account for the socialnetwork sector it's interest in twitter shows its prediction towards future. Coming to Facebook, i guess it can remove its competetor from the market rather doing this.. it can own the competetor and increase the hold on the market..

Well lets see how far it goes on this... i believe twitter is not yet ready to do so :)



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