Gemini threat Strikes on Android

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Android Mobile is now targetted by the hackers with a malicious application that harvests personal information and sends it to a remote server. This seams to be like a botnet and this is named as "Gemini". So guys Gemini the new intruder on the Andriod Mobiles...

Well Botnets are something like which run anounimoously and automatically once reached onto target zone. Geinimi as of now is targetted at chinese users and have found that it has been wrapped into legitimate free and paid games for Android users. Also they are appearing from the 3rdparty websites which offers andriod apps with a minimal security.Some of those programs have appeared to be downloaded thousands of times.

No one is still aware of whats the moto behind the creation of Geinimi. First lets us know what exactly Gemini does once it comes onto our mobile....Now once Gemini enters your mobile this malware communicates with a central command-and-control server. The server can issue commands to a phone remotely, such as to download or uninstall software. The user of the Android phone is prompted and must approve either action.

Hmmmm this sounds to me like using this app one can gain the control over the phone from the server and start installing other mallicious apps on to the mobile. But still some malwares are created for profit making and some for destroying the market... lets see how far this goes. But users please be aware of this app before downloading apps from 3rd party websites.

The app attaches itself to legitimate applications, such as:

Monkey Jump 2
Sex Positions
President vs. Aliens
City Defrense
Baseball Superstars 2010


Lightning Captured by X-Ray Camera

X-Ray for detecting the lightning that strikes back to earth on rainy nights with terrific power. Wow this sounds creepy ha. Yeah Scientists from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne has invented this X-ray machine which can capture these lightnings.

This machine can shoot ten million frames a second and this was targeted at an artificial lightning which was generated by shooting rockets into thunderstorms, with attached wires directing the flow of energy down into their target zone. And this machine captured the Xray of this lightning. The pictures suggest a lightning bolt carries all its x-ray radiation in its tip.

when talking about caputuring the image of a lightning, Joseph Dwyer, a lightning researcher at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, say "Something moving this fast would go from the Earth to the moon in less than ten seconds."

Now you may think whats the moto behind doing this experiment????? For many years scientist know that these lightning emit radiation, but until now scientists didn't have the technology to take x-ray images quickly enough to see where the radiation comes from. Hmmmmm now they made a point on this... But lets see what all can be done with this research.


Oracle releases MySQL 5.5

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oracle after the acquisition of SUN , comes out strongly with the new release of open source Database MySQL. They have upgraded the version from 5.1 from 5.5. Oracle is targetting Mysql 5.5 for Web applications , then buddy what is Oracle targetted for???

They say that Oracle database is the leading enterprise database for high-end packaged applications: enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, online transaction processing, large data warehouses and business intelligence applications.

MySQl is being widely used in opensource community and as it is part of LAMP, they believe it would be easier for LAMP administrators to handle MySQL when compared to ORacle.

When coming to Mysql 5.5 , whats new with this... 5.5 comes with better scalability and improved replication. Connection pooling has been improved drastically, now it can handle around 1000 connections at once. It also handles large datas with out slowing down the system.
The software can also offer additional performance gains when increasing the number of server cores beyond four, which previous versions were unable to do.

When looked at the performance level, Oracle showed that MySQL 5.5 showed a 360 percent improvement in reads and writes over version 5.1 running on Linux. On Windows Server machines, that performance gain jumped over 1,500 percent. "We get higher throughput in general with 5.5.

In terms of replication, the software now includes the ability to do semi-synchronous replications. Previous versions only offered asynchronous replications, meaning the backup copy of the database would not be updated as soon as new data was entered to the original.

These were the facts given by Oracle on its new release. Now lets wait and watch for more reviews on the usage of Mysql 5.5.


Installing Froyo on Samsung Galaxy S

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guys this is regarding my earlier post on Froyo. Here i got the information from the site pathikshah. , how to install froyo. So here are the steps to install  Froyo..
How to Upgrade Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo

The latest Android 2.2 Froyo ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S is I9000XXJP2.

To upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.2 Froyo, you need to download these files

Odin 3 v1.0
i9000XXJP2 Firmware (password:

How to Install/Upgrade To Android 2.2 Froyo on Samsung Galaxy S: Instructions

1. Remove the battery, SIM card and MicroSD card from your phone and reinsert the battery.

2. Hold down the Home + Volume Down buttons and press the Power On button.

3. You should now see a download screen

4. Open Odin 3 v1.0

5. Click on the PIT button and load the “s1_odin_20100512.pit” file

6. Click on the PDA button and load the “I9000XXJP2-REV03-PDA-CL464213.tar” inside the I9000XXJP2 RAR file.

7. Click on the PHONE button and load the “MODEM_I9000XXJP2.tar”inside the I9000XXJP2 RAR file.

8. Click on the CSC button and load the “GT-I9000-CSC-MULTI-OXAJP2.tar”inside the I9000XXJP2 RAR file.

9. Click on the “Re-Partition” checkbox

10. Connect your Galaxy S to your PC with the USB cable and set USB Debugging On (System > Applications > Development > USB Debugging.)

11. Click on the Start button in Odin and your Galaxy S will be upgraded to Android 2.2 Froyo.


Samsung India Rolls out Froyo for Galaxy S users

Samsung India has started to roll out the Google Andriod 2.2 Froyo Updates for galaxy s smartphone. Froyo is coming up with cool features which can really upgrade your smartphone to next level.

Now many users wanna download this and start experiencing the features of Froyo... now how many does really know what is Froyo????? Well in simple Froyo is an Mobile Platform.

Froyo users can expect a new homescreen widget and also bring in some minor changes and transitions and animations which seem a bit smoother.Froyo also lets you turn your phone into a hotspot—including for your Wi-Fi iPad.

Froyo also makes the performance faster when compared to the current speed. Andriod 2.2 is said to be more faster than earlier version and Froyo is up to 5x faster than Eclair, thanks to a just-in-time compiler. And that's just the OS; Google's also claiming that Froyo has the world's fastest mobile browser, period.

Now i think here comes the coolest feature of Froyo. When you download some application for your mobile on to your desktop, you need to connect your mobile to the pc rather the app gets installed on-air in your mobile phone..well this features looks ahead when looked onto iphone which need sync options.

Using Froyo you can access the camera from the browser itself.. and also includes voice recognistion for search. Hmmmmm when such a bunch of features are coming up with Froyo..what are you waiting for Galaxians :)

Froyo can be downloaded from Kites which is a samsung Desktop program.



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