Craig barret stepping down

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

After the turn of Yahoo , now its turn of intel to get its new Chairman. Intel Corporation chairman and former chief executive Craig Barrett will retire in May this year, ending a 35-year career with the world's largest semiconductor company. Barrett joined Intel in 1974 and has served in many capacities including CEO from 1998 through 2005.
Intel also announced that independent director Jane Shaw, who joined the Intel board in 1993, has been chosen by the board of directors to replace Barrett as non-executive chairman beginning in May.

Barrett's departure comes just days after Intel announced it will close facilities in Malaysia, the Philippines and the United States to deal with dismal economic conditions worldwide. The actions will result in a reduction of 5,000 to 6,000 jobs, Intel said.

In recent years, Barrett has been active in Intel's World Ahead Program bringing information technology to emerging economies and has been active in issues as far ranging as education, health care and U.S. competitiveness. Barrett is the current chair of the U.N. Global Alliance for Information and Communications Technology and Development.

Commenting on his 35-year career at Intel, Barrett noted that he was fortunate to have been able to work side by side with industry legends Bob Noyce, Gordon Moore and Andy Grove.

"Intel became the world's largest and most successful semiconductor company in 1992 and has maintained that position ever since," said Barrett. "I am extremely proud to have helped achieve that accomplishment and to have the honour of working with tens of thousands of Intel employees who every day put their talents to use to make Intel one of the premier technology companies in the world. I have every confidence that Intel will continue this leadership under the direction of Paul Otellini and his management team."!


2TB memory cards by SDXC

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There were days where we use to have huge machines to store a bit of data. And as the technologies coming up the memory storage devices are getting smaller and smaller and infact we cay say like they are such portable devices that u need to take care where you are having those devices in your own pocket. Well these days we can store Gb's of memory in a small chip and carry with you.

But CES 2009 brings an amazing surprise and a dramatic improvement in the field of portable storage. The new specification of memory cards known as SDXC( SD eXtended Capacity) can store hundreds of gigs of data on a single card.

The SDXC cards are capable of holding a massive 2TB (2048GB) of Data on a single card and currently these cards can transfer data at 104 MB per second but the team has a roadmap to raise it to 300MB per second. This is a major step in the development of storage devices and it is irresistible to see such huge amount of data in such a tiny space.

“SDXC is a large-capacity card that can store more than 4,000 RAW images, which is the uncompressed mode professionals use, and 17,000 of the fine-mode most consumers use.” said Shigeto Kanda, general manager at Canon. Developed by the SD Association, specifications for the new SDXC standard will be released in the first quarter of 2009.

By this revolution in the storage of memory in a chip , users can transmit their mobile phones into media centers.Imagine more than 100 HD movies in a single chip which is in your hand . gossh this is damn good thing i have ever imagined.



Motoralla has come up with an cute gift for your sweetheart this valentines day. Yes it launched a cute looking moby named PEBL Rose Bloom and well it is not too costly and is of mid range mobile.Very attractive in looks and possess a decent color.

It has an egg shaped clamshell design with a rose drawing in the front-center of the phone so it will generally appeal to females. It does not have any high end features but it comes with a touch-sensitive panel outer lid, a 2MP camera, music player, 3.5mm earphone socket, Bluetooth.

It is also 3G enabled and offers 7.2 Mbps HSDPA support and comes with a microSD card slot.
Well this phone is first released in south korea .


HP and IBM to face challenge by CISCO Virtualization???

Cisco is getting ready to challenge its very long compatriots HP co and IBM in the playground that they dominate the market.

According to a report in Monday's The New York Times by Reg alumnus Ashlee Vance, Cisco's purported server line's selling point will be its "sophisticated virtualization software."

Cisco already owns 2% of VM Ware.In the present scenario Complex Virtualization schemes are becoming the rule , Cisco is in a strong position to use its networking history or network savvy to bind servers together into one big virtualised family. well this will be a perfect move by cisco to compete its competetors .

But the interesting thing is to look on how IBM and HP Co gonna react on this move by CISCO as they were supporting CISCO networking hardware for years in the market. This is like thier own companion throwing the challenge in their playground.

But CISCO says that this not to "Enter into the new market, but this is just a market transition."But HP and IBM might become aggressive with the move of CISCO when ever it happens


Order your food using

Now you can order your favourite food from a favourite restaurant at your needed time. Yeah this was facilitated by users can now search and order from more than 300 restaurants in Southern California via the Internet, iPhone or iPod touch. With one of the Apple devices go to, and you’ll automatically be redirected to the new iPhone site.
Its very simple to order food through this site . Users can pay orders using credit card.Many restaurants also offer the option of curbside pickup. Users can even reorder past orders right from their iPhone with just a few taps.
LiveOnTheGo desires to give back to the community and is willing to partner with a variety of charities and organizations to make this happen. can bring your fundraising to a new level by utilizing its powerful online ordering software to work for your nonprofit organization
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“Storm Worm” virus hits computers worldwide

There is an another virus targeted to Windows this time and is called "Storm Worm " , Well this is not the first that the Windows Systems has been targeted.According an Data secure company Named F-Secure told the reporteres that a computer virus called Storm Worm was sent to hundreds of thousands of Email addresses globally.
This can spread very fast if e-mail users do not BCC their friends list when sending an email. But this time Mac users do not worry this is only for windows users.F-Secure indicated that those who receive any of the following lines in the subject line of an email are likely recipients of the “Storm Worm” virus:

• 230 dead as storm batters Europe.
• A killer at 11, he’s free at 21 and…
• British Muslims Genocide
• Naked teens attack home director.
• U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza…

The virus also comes with one the following attachments: • Full Clip.exe
• Full Story.exe
• Read More.exe
• Video.exe

“Storm Worm” is a trojan and will allow an infected computer to be remotely controlled for malicious purposes such as a denial-of-service attack or data theft.

So guys better keep you arms (Anti Virus) ready to face this battle by the enemies(Storm Worm).


Symantec to launch Google apps rival?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Symantec is coming out with an Online workspace service called goEvrywhere which is said to be an Google Docs Killer.
The service centres on a goEverywhere desktop, similar in function to a Windows desktop but hosted via the internet in the goEverywhere data centre, rather than locally on a PC. Symantec refers to it as a “webtop”.
The goEverywhere service keeps a copy of each hosted desktop in a central location Symantec calls the “backend”.
GoEverywhere’s advanced workspace and Tag based navigation technology provides a familiar, simple and responsive workspace for your online computing needs.
After a user logs in goEverywhere runs his desktop in a browser rather than on a local computer. Therefore they only need a running browser to use their desktop from any type of computer from anywhere.
They will also have access to lots of free applications and services on the internet that can be configured into OpenPlace or SafePlace workspaces. The service reportedly is being underpinned by more than 100 popular web-based email applications and will offer free instant messaging, word processing and spreadsheets.
You can more information from the below link:


Hewlett-Packard's common systems management operations to control both physical and virtual servers.

Now Hewlett-Packard has intorduced an easy way establish common systems management operations to control both physical and virtual servers.
For the product annoucements planned for its infrastructure portofolio, HP has made few enhancements to Insight Dynamics like VSE(Virtual Server Environment) include options for Insight Orchestration.
Well VSE is advanced infrastructure management software that allows you to analyze and optimize your adaptive infrastructure to manage physical and virtual resources in the same way.The company’s Insight Orchestration line lets an IT administrator design a template of a virtual server and impose that template with the push of a button on as many blades or other servers that are needed.
Administrators can design a catalogue of standard infrastructure templates and then quickly provision them from designated pool of HP BladeSystem and virtualised ProLiant servers, the company said.
Insight Orchestration is an extension to HP Insight Dynamics - VSE and Insight Manager which gives SysAdmins access to the configurations of physical servers and the performance and capacity of virtual machine hosts in enterprise resource pools. So when infrastructure is requested, Insight Orchestration will find the best matches for physical servers from available blades within the selected resource pool.
Insight Dynamics – VSE lets you:

» Plan capacity and power continuously
» Balance across physical and virtual resources
» Ensure cost-effective high availability
» Provision infrastructure consistently


Bartz becomes Yahoo CEO

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Carol Bartz has been annouced as New Yahoo CEO.Bartz, 60, spent 14 years as Autodesk's CEO before becoming executive chairman in 2006."She is the exact combination of seasoned technology executive and savvy leader that the board was looking for, and we are thrilled to have attracted such a world-class talent to Yahoo," Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock said in a statement Tuesday. In the earlier post i stated that Sue decker might be the new CEO of yahoo but everything was changed as we see this very frequent in the corporates.Well yahoo has choosed Bartz as the New CEO .Well Bartz might be facing very challenging job a head and stay tuned for how she handles the microsoft yahoo deal. we she push away the deal or tackles it in her own way.And also Yahoo announced the departure of President Susan Decker. Board thanked Sue for her service as President and the effort she put for the business of yahoo development in various roles for more than 9 years. and also thanked her for showing her willingness to work with Bartz and said we Respect her decision to move on to other challenges.


Sony Vaio P-Series

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The world’s lightest1 8" notebook, the 1.4-pound2 VAIO® P Series Lifestyle PC does more than you could imagine–with impeccable style. Email at the airport, IM from the park, or just show it off when you want some attention. Traveling to a new city? Turn-by-turn GPS navigation will get you there faster. Best of all, it fits right in your purse or jacket pocket.

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E-Mail from a satyam Employee on Ramalingarju

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dear all of my Satyamites,

Yesterday will be a memorable day to us throughout our life. Little bit of business & human nature knowledge is forcing me to write few of my thoughts (Please ignore them if they doesn't make any sense). Ask yourself who is worst affected by all this mayhem. Is it u & me (employees), Govt or Satyam & Ramalingaraju ?. My conviction says that employees of any MNC are associated to that company as long as they don't have any better option, the best thing government can do for a company is to keep itself away from it. But there was a visionary who created wealth for a nation for 20 years, the only thing that cannot be separated from Satyam for these 20 years & ahead also if Satyam remains was\is a name called "Ramalinga Raju". Fortunately I got some 15 min of time talking to him when i was an ELTP. He's much softer then we see him. Imagine what would be going on in his mind when he was writing yesterday's letter accepting all the things which he did only to save his company. All have made him scapegoat for what has happened & left the company keeping their integrity intact. He was cursed badly for putting the money of a public limited company into his family driven company but it only now clear that how he was transferrring the risk from 50,000 people to his two sons & his known-integrity.
The worst which can happen to we the employees is that we are out of our current job, jobless for time being & then again getting a job which we deserve & our families will be worried for us(as they are always). But a relatively bitter truth will be for the Raju-family who will be annoyed for ages & will be treated as miscreants by those who do not know the truth or more about Greedy investors & money market. And the truth is that he has not stolen some thousand crores rupees into his own pocket, it was a bubble he created which busted. (And every other company on earth does so, being wary of not getting trapped)

One more thing which annoys me is does a philanthropist guy deserve this disgraceful exit ? I really feel sad about the way he's been portrait in the media. Our rustic fellows have already started comparing him with Harshad Mehta. Tell me any incident in corporate India where any chairman has dared to confess such irregularities in his own firm. And believe me it takes hell lot of guts to accept all this publicly. And as I read the news today morning it was published there that even his community members have suggested him not to tell anything and later on he can play with the Indian laws as every politician does in India. But as he mentioned it was all deep regret in his conscience which lead him to confess all this.
I am not at all saying that he's totally innocent and unaware of what's been going there but a person who has started a journey called Satyam 20 yrs ago with few associates and made it 4th largest IT Company in India, done all this for sake of his 50000 Satyam family members. In the end i'll ask only one question to all of my friends," for whom he has created this bubble, if it was he who was going bankrupt? "
The day before all this mayhem started, we all were proud to be called as Satyamites and were wearing the Satyam tag displaying our esteem to others, and now due to a single incidence u are feeling awkward to show the same Satyam tag in public?? I don't know about others, but still I am proud to be a SATYAMITE!!!

Well personally i really feel ramlingaraju as an indian icon and he has done a mistake but what he has done to Indian IT is unforgettable.


Ramalingaraju will appear before SEBI on Saturday at 4 pm

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally all the rumors that Mr.Raju is in Dubai or he is in Texas comes to an end hopefully.
Acording to Economic times, Mr.Raju's Lawyer confirmed on Friday that Disgraced Satyam chief B. Ramalinga Raju will appear before market watchdog Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) at 4 p.m.Saturday to answer the summons served on him in connection with a Rs.70-billion accounting fraud.
His lawyer said that Ramalingaraju is having an health disorder and he was very much in Hyderabad but he is gonna appear on saturday.And when SEBI team visited his residence in Hyderabad but neither raju nor his family members were not available at their residence.Well Well Well tormorrow is gonna big day if this happens. I am really sad to see Ramaligarju being at a such respectful position and commited such an unethical thing which costs the lifes of the employees and Investors and reputation of Indian IT.
Mr.Raju you gonna answer tomorrow why it has been done.......


Who could be the Next Yahoo Ceo : is it Decker?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yahoo CEO search may soon come to an end. There are some strong contenders for this position. But some sources said Decker is the strong contender for this position as of now.
Decker has undergone two rounds of interviews in-depth with yahoo board.Usuallu one when recruting in executive circles, if a candidate undergoes more than one round of interview then it signals a strong contender.
Many Industry players and investors of yahoo discounted Decker as a viable CEO candidate for the struggling Internet search pioneer.
There are other strong contenders for post of yahoo CEO. L:ikely they are Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin,Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz.
Choosing Ms Bartz, 60 years old, will say that yahoo might be looking for a steady hand who is experienced with internet and online advertising.
Sarin is reportedly no longer interested in the Yahoo CEO gig. But guys we need to wait and watch who could be the next CEO of Yahoo. As they have mentioned there is no deadline for declaring the name of the new CEO.
Analysts think that if they recruit a person from outside yahoo , they could look much better into the business of yahoo.
But According to Internal Sources they may declare in next week. If is happens its again a big news in the market and se how yahoo tackles the market at the Current postion.


How the Fraud of satyam Begun ??????

Satyam (Sanskrit for 'truth') Computer Services Ltd. was founded by B.Ramalinga Raju in 1987. The company offers information technology (IT) services spanning various sectors, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Euronext.

Satyam's network covers 67 countries across six continents. The company employs 52,000 IT professionals across development centers in India, the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Egypt and Australia. It serves over 654 global companies, 185 of which are Fortune 500 corporations. Satyam has strategic technology and marketing alliances with over 50 companies. Apart from Hyderabad, it has development centers in India at Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, and Visakhapatnam.

According to Wikipedia , Mr.Raju stated that:
"What started as a marginal gap between actual operating profit and the one reflected in the books of accounts continued to grow over the years. It has attained unmanageable proportions as the size of company operations grew significantly (annualised revenue run rate of Rs 11,276 crore in the September quarter of 2008 and official reserves of Rs 8,392 crore). As the promoters held a small percentage of equity, the concern was that poor performance would result in a takeover, thereby exposing the gap. The aborted Maytas acquisition deal was the last attempt to fill the fictitious assets with real ones. It was like riding a tiger, not knowing how to get off without being eaten.”

In the fiscal year to March 2008, Satyam reported a 46.3 per cent rise in revenue to $2.1 billion under the US accounting standards, while net income rose 39.7 per cent to $417 million.

In October, it said revenue in this fiscal year ending in March 2009 will rise 19-21 percent to $2.55-$2.59 billion. Earlier the company said that it plans to expand its presence in Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East to cut its dependence on the United States.

The news of Satyam acquiring Maytas Infrastructure for $1.6 billion (Rs 7658-crore) sent shockwaves across the country,Many questioned the things behind the deal. There was heavy pressure by share holders and lots of criticisn over governance issues,by this satyam has withdrawn the Offer with in hours of the making of the proposal.But by the time damage was done. The scrip lost over 30 per cent in India.
There was a quick change in plan after investors shown their opposition to the deals by pushing shares in India's No. 4 software services company down 55 per cent in New York Stock Exchange trade. Satyam founder and Chairman B Ramalinga Raju and other insiders hold 36 per cent in Maytas Infra and 35 per cent in Maytas Properties.
Analysts questioned the motives of Satyam's top executives, saying there was a potential conflict of interest because they hold stakes in both companies.
Also questions raised in the minds of analysists like when the market is down and companies are saving their cash to help weather the global economic slowdown , satyam goin for huge aquisision.
Ramalinga Raju originally said the deal by saying it would "de-risk" Satyam's core business in IT services.

Then immediately came a severe blow to the Hyderabad-based IT provider facing flak from investors on its decision to acquire Maytas' was World Bank banning it for 8 years.
The World Bank has banned Satyam from providing it services for eight years for alleged malpractices, including bribery.
The ban will severely impact the business prospects of the Hyderabad-based company, already battling to retain and attract fresh business in a recession-hit global market.

The World Bank debarment has been meted out for "improper benefits to bank staff" and "lack of documentation on invoices.” World Bank information security chief Robert Van Pulley admitted to the ban during a recent meeting with the officials of Government Accountability Project (GAP), a whistleblower protection organisation in the US. The bank has handed over the case to the US Justice Department and the Treasury Department.

Satyam started providing IT services to the World Bank in 2003. Two years later, allegations of bribery surfaced. In 2007, an internal World Bank investigation found that former VP Mohamed Muhsin had secured contracts and purchase orders worth $100 million for the Indian firm in return for Satyam's stock options (ADRs) at preferential prices. After which Muhsin was banned permanently from the bank. However, Satyam was allowed to work for the bank till 2008.

There have also been allegations against Satyam of causing security breaches at the bank. World Bank's records, which contain sensitive financial information, have reportedly been illegally accessed over the last year.

Now the question is , is it really a fraud or a mistake which brought them here or Wrong step taken by satyam like aquiring maytas as if it has been succeeded nobody might have known this.
Raju said
"It was like riding a tiger, not knowing when to get off without being eaten," Mr Raju said, describing how the fraud, which he claimed had begun as an effort to smooth over a minor accounting discrepancy, had "attained unmanageable proportions as the size of the company operations grew".
According to Raju this was done few years back in order to smoothen small accounting difference which means like it was done intentionally to a small extent but as the company was growing it was also growing at a rapid pace.
Now from past few years satyam haven't faced huge loss , share holders were in profit and investers were also in profit as the company was globalizing at a rapid pace.It made Indian software giant on the global market. Other companies have gained up their business looking at the pace of satyam which resulted in the development of IT.
Satyam was trying to cut down the dependencies on the US market which is good for India.There was lot of employeement given by satyam. I agree this is a FRUAD which effects investers.But please comment on this, like they have done unethical business , but what do we say for their achievements of satyam for we people.what should have been done by satyam, do they have said this issue 7 years back when they are gaining the name in the market or what else could have been done in order to save our Indian IT Giant SATYAM.


The Beginning of satyam

The Beginning:

Ramalinga Raju's grandfather was an enterprising farmer who ventured out of traditional
agriculture into agribusiness and bought a sugar mill. The venture backfired and the family lost a fortune. It then scattered into different parts of Andhra and Satyanarayan Raju, Ramalinga Raju's father, whose name inspired the group's name Satyam, moved to Hyderabad and became one of the first farmers to start commercial grape production around Hyderabad. The family recovered and Ramalinga Raju, the eldest son, was sent to the US in 1975 to get an MBA from Ohio after he completed his from Loyola College at Vijayawada.

In India, as a commerce student at Vijayawada, he had been a carefree young man, from a well-to-do farming family, with not a worry in the World. To begin, when Ramalinga Raju came back from the US in 1977 armed with ambition and new ideas, he tried to build new business for the family. He went into cotton-spinning and construction. This earned him his bread and butter. Out of curiosity he had brought a small computer back with him from the US. It was a glorified programmable calculator. He realized that information technology would be big in the future and took the plunge in this new business, about which he had limited knowledge. Satyam Computer Services was incorporated in 1989, though it took of only in 1991-92.

Ramalinga Raju very soon realized that there could be higher margins if one could convince companies abroad that Indian companies could develop the software in India and upload it to the US companies mainframe computers through a satellite data link. Satyam was one of the first companies to get a dedicated 64kbps data link for such "offshore" development. Satyam was among the first Indian companies to make the unique paradigm shift from onsite-led operations to offshore driven ones.

The Transormation:
Satyam also became one of the few companies in the world to attain the top rating -level5- in the capability maturity model (CMM) instituted by Carnegie-Mellon University's software engineering institute.

Satyam's foray into corporate data and Internet services too was path breaking. While several e-mail companies were languishing in the pre-Internet days due to unreasonably high license fees and port charges by Dot, Satyam Infoway moved into this space in 1995. It invested heavily in TCP/IP networks when the only internet service provider was the government monopolized VSNL. At that time companies could only be listed in India after three years of profitable business, while Internet play required large funding for infrastructure and acquisitions. Satyam quickly moved to list Satyam Infoway (SIFY) on Nasdaq with great success. On 19 October 1999 it became the first internet company from India to be listed in the global markets. In June Satyam infoway reached a milestone with its subscribers base crossing the two lakh mark. SIFY posted a profit of Rs 67 crore for the year ended March 31,2000 against Rs 10 crore in the previous year.

Setting Standards:
While high-flying SIFY has caught people's imagination, the flagship Satyam Computer
Services, a software services company, has grown from a turn over of less than Rs4.7 crore in1993 to Rs679 crore in 2000(146 times) and its net profit 149 times from Rs 90 lakh to Rs134 crore. Satyam today has become folklore in Andhra Pradesh.

Satyam now has six development centers in India, seven overseas and marketing offices in 30 countries. The company services over 140 multinational and Fortune 500 clients, many of them among the largest corporations in the world.

To increase technology competency continuously, the company has started a Tech Guru scheme. These are top line tech professionals from the global IT industry, who come to the impressive Satyam Technology center (STC), Hyderabad and conduct courses for about two weeks. Already nearly 30 such professionals have been to the center. A brainchild of Ramalinga Raju, STC is perhaps the most impressive corporate campus in India and would be well placed in the rest of the World.

Choosing the right partner @ speed of thought:

Choosing the right partner in software services the world over, has been the key strength of Ramalinga Raju. The November 1999, the all-cash Rs499 crore India-world deal looked astronomical. It made several people to sit up and take notice. Nasdaq certainly did. It gave an even higher valuation to Satyam's subsidiary - Satyam Infoway (Sify), than before. Consequently, its market cap went up by $800 million.

Recently it has tied up with Computer Associates international to provide online access to advanced E-business applications for small and medium enterprises. The venture will have an initial investment of $3million.It has also entered into an agreement with Texas-based Enterprise Inc. to enable E-market solutions for traditional businesses and dotcom companies worldwide. Focusing on the auto sector, Satyam decided to tie up with TRW under which the latter will outsource to the venture at least $200 million worth of projects, spread over a five- year period. In June Satyam Infoway Ltd took 25% stake in the popular Cricket website by issuing $37 million worth of American Depository shares (ADS) in an all stock deal.

SIFY's buying spree continues. It has just announced that it has signed an agreement to buy-out 100 per cent of for $8.1 million. It is an all-stock deal.

Now Satyam computers is tying up with CCMB(Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology) in bio-informatics, a hot new field which combines molecular biology with data mining and warehousing in information technology. An 'MOU' to this effect is to be signed soon. True to its reputation for speed, Mr.Raju is in advanced discussions with CCMB for setting up an International training center in bio-informatics, among others.

How he runs the Company:
Raju has always felt that to really succeed one must have a vision and must be ready to take risks. That's the reason Satyam's management style is unique. It does not function as a normal pyramidal hierarchy. Every department or division is formed as a circle where the head operates as a CEO of an enterprise, with all the responsibility of running an independent company, including making profits. Even though the perks in Satyam are lower than the industry standards, What holds the staff together is Raju's unique "power in one" philosophy that promotes togetherness on the mind's plane, including the singing of a corporate anthem together. Its staff attrition rate is a half of the industry's turnover of 15 per cent per annum. Content wise, the crux of the philosophy is Japanese. Raju recently received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Services sector. In the manner true to him he explained that he was receiving the award on behalf of all Satyam associates.

This was the information i got from , I published this content just to share the information to people which was clearly mention in


Raju resigns, admits fraud, Satyam books cooked up

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally after so many ups and downs the biggest news hit for satyam and IT market. The IT Giant of india , satyam computers chairman and founder has admitted his fraud and gave resignationation to his position.
According to Ecnomic times ,Raju has written a letter to the board giving details of the balance sheet. Balance Sheet has inflated cash balances of Rs 5040 crore and accrued interest of Rs 376 crore is non-existent. Rs 1230 crore was arranged to Satyam and is not reflected in the books
Well Analysts say that Raju's resignation wouldn't make much difference to investers as they think that he is not blamed alone and the responsibility lies with whole board.
coming to the share market of satyam, Shares in Satyam Computer shed all gains to turn negative after the embattled Indian outsourcer said its chairman has resigned from the board. Shares were down 16.81 percent at 149 rupees. (11.22 a.m.)
After all success of his life, the way it(satyam) was started and it was representing india in the Global market , crossing many mile stones, but after all here comes the sad ending for the Chairman Mr. Ramalingaraju.
Ram Myanpati will act as Interim CEO.


The Ultimate Blackberry Pearl 8220 Flip Review

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Logitech to cut salaried staff by 15 percent

The biggest thing goin around the market is Layoff. Here it is Layoff strikes Back.One more victim of Recession or Economic imbalance is Logitech International SA.Basically Logitech is a maker of mice,Webcam and other computer peripherals.IT announced on Monday that it is cutting its salaried work force by 15%.
Switzerland-based Logitech, which also has offices in Fremont, has about 3,500 salaried employees in a total work force of about 9,000.
There was a statement given by Gerald P. Quilndlen saying that "During the December quarter, the retail environment deteriorated significantly".He added in a statement that "we expect the economic environment to worsen in the coming months and we are therefore taking significant actions to align our cost structure with what is likely to be an extended downturn."
Company said it will book a restructuring charge for the job cuts and also said that company has a strong cash position, no debt, and is maintaining market share.


Hormone imbalance the reason for no Stevenote at Macworld

Well there ware many reasons and many stories around why jobs is not goin to attend Macworld. But here it Jobs himself is stating a letter about his absence to apple community.
This is Letter as follows,
Dear Apple Community,

For the first time in a decade, I'm getting to spend the holiday season with my family, rather than intensely preparing for a Macworld keynote.

Unfortunately, my decision to have Phil [Schiller, senior vice president worldwide product marketing] deliver the Macworld keynote set off another flurry of rumors about my health, with some even publishing stories of me on my deathbed.

I've decided to share something very personal with the Apple community so that we can all relax and enjoy the show tomorrow.

As many of you know, I have been losing weight throughout 2008. The reason has been a mystery to me and my doctors. A few weeks ago, I decided that getting to the root cause of this and reversing it needed to become my #1 priority.

Fortunately, after further testing, my doctors think they have found the cause - a hormone imbalance that has been "robbing" me of the proteins my body needs to be healthy. Sophisticated blood tests have confirmed this diagnosis.
The remedy for this nutritional problem is relatively simple and straightforward, and I've already begun treatment. But, just like I didn't lose this much weight and body mass in a week or a month, my doctors expect it will take me until late this Spring to regain it. I will continue as Apple’s CEO during my recovery.

I have given more than my all to Apple for the past 11 years now. I will be the first one to step up and tell our Board of Directors if I can no longer continue to fulfill my duties as Apple's CEO. I hope the Apple community will support me in my recovery and know that I will always put what is best for Apple first.

So now I've said more than I wanted to say, and all that I am going to say, about this.



Google Releases Picasa For Mac

The wait for the mac users is coming to an end now. Google has annouced Picasa is now available for Mac OS. earlier it available for Windows and Linux Users only.
Until now, Mac users interested in Picasa have had to be content with using Picasa Web Albums, Google's more limited online photo organization and display service.

"Picasa for Mac looks and works almost exactly like Picasa on other platforms," Google product manager Brian Axe said in a blog post.
The beta-phase software includes a drag-and-drop photo collage tool, a retouching brush, a slide show moviemaker with easy YouTube uploading, and automatic red-eye removal

Well Picasa for Mac adds another area of potential tension between Google and Apple because it could be seen as a competitor to Apple's iPhoto.


The Top 10 Products of the Year 2008

This was a review which was done by eweek labs for listing out top 10 products of the year.At the end of each year, eWEEK Labs analysts look back on the products they have reviewed and pick the ones that stand out for their innovation and ability to meet the ever-changing—and increasingly challenging—needs of the enterprise. Combined, the products on this year’s list form the foundation of the next-gen enterprise.

Adobe AIR
People Now started working on Rich internet applications. What have become the next generation of RIAs are Web applications that can run independently of a browser—applications that run like those on a desktop but that still use Web services and interfaces for data and interactivity.The product that comes closest right now to the true vision of this next-generation Web application is Adobe AIR.

Agito RoamAnywhere Solution

With its new emphasis on enterprise-grade redundancy and security—as well as integration into Cisco’s Motion to aid in roaming decisions among networks—Agito’s RoamAnywhere Solution builds upon its already outstanding fingerprint location deterministics, line-side PBX integration and solid client-side software. All of this provides an outstanding solution to help extend companies’ existing infrastructure to the mobile work force.

Cisco Catalyst 4900M
Cisco Systems’ newly minted Catalyst 4900M can help network engineers navigate the transition to 10G by offering a mixture of fixed and swappable, card-based ports.

Firefox 3
with the release of Firefox 3, Mozilla cemented its place at the top of the Web browser pile.

The latest release of Firefox hit all of the standard browser notes, with improved security, usability and customization options. However, some of the biggest improvements were under the covers, especially in offline capabilities and the browser’s ability to integrate with and take advantage of next-generation Web technologies

iPhone 2.0 + the AppStore

Apple truly hit the mark with the iPhone 2.0 software that came preloaded on the new devices and was available as a free upgrade for first-generation units.

The new software made the iPhone palatable for enterprise consumption—adding improved Wi-Fi security, a Cisco VPN client and support for Microsoft Exchange e-mail environments—even though the enterprise management tools for the iPhone are still lacking.

IXIA iSimCity

Network performance test maker IXIA launched its iSimCity lab in Silicon Valley in February. In Phase 1, iSimCity focused on classic switch and router testing. In subsequent phases, iSimCity is expected to host data center performance benchmarks, including VOIP gateways, video servers, firewalls and e-mail.

Nokia E71

Nokia really knocked it out of the park with the E71, packing just about everything a user—or a third-party mobile software developer—could want from a smartphone. Despite its relatively small screen and lack of a touch-screen interface, the E71 was the best overall device eWEEK Labs tested this year.

Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 8.04—specifically in its desktop iteration—has earned a spot on our list of top products of 2008 by bridging the enterprise-vs.-enthusiast divide with a freely available Linux-based OS and a support term of three years, compared with about 18 months for Red Hat's and Novell's enthusiast distributions.

VMware VI3

VMware’s Virtual Infrastructure 3 offers enterprises an impressive, mature framework for making virtualization promises a reality.

Windows Server 2008

At a time when Vista missteps had many questioning Microsoft's product development mojo, the release of Windows Server 2008 demonstrated that the company is capable of putting out a lean and well-performing operating system with features in sync with customer needs.

for more information:


Macworld cult gathering without iconic Apple leader

This year at Macworld marketing vice president Phil Schiller will replace Mr Jobs on stage Tuesday for a keynote presentation traditionally considered a Macworld highlight.Steve Jobs has given the Kyenote for macworld for the past 11 years.
Actually this is a huge event where many companies showcase their innovations and latest models of gadgets and other technology related stuff.
Attendance at last year's Macworld climbed to a record high of approximately 50,000 people as Apple's iPod MP3 players, internet-linked iPhones, and Macintosh computers gained popularity worldwide.
But people think that Apple's transformation from a core computer company to mainstream purveyor of consumer enclosed could be the reason behind its last appearance at Macworld.
Macworld is run by event management firm IDG, which vows that the show will go on without Apple. IDG is inviting this year's attendees to a "town hall" meeting to discuss how best to shape the gathering in 2010 and beyond.
"While there is no question that Macworld is going to evolve and change in 2010, the fundamental importance of the event remains the same," said Macworld vice president Paul Kent.


Keyless entry for your home!

We might heard of this like keyless entry . hope you never heard that you are using this technology to lock your home or enter your home.
A company called Axxis Biometrics provides advanced fingerprint identification locking mechanism generally available for Biometric firms. Each fingerprint lock can store up to 100 different users, or finger prints. Some locks also have a built-in LCD screens that display who has requested for access
I think this is very useful in day to day life. There are many times where we left the keys back inside the house and we came out of the house. Say when you have an access using your finger prints thats damn cool dude.
Axxis Biometrics offers three different types of fingerprint locks - deadlock, latch and mortise. Beside fingerprint locks, the company also offers the more traditional PIN code door locks and complete fingerprint access control systems that support fingerprint entry, PIN Code access and access card.


Shenyang junction speed advisory system wins award

We may always rush our vehicle at the signal so that we cant get stuck up with Red signal. Imagine if there is some one to say at what speed you need to drive in order to avoid Red, sounds cool rite. Exactly this is done in china by a police officer.He developed a system which digitally shows the speed at which you need to drive.

Police in the Chinese city of Shenyang in Liaoning Province have introduced a “Smart Digital Traffic Guidance System” developed by Liang Zhiwei, a serving police officer and inventor, which advises drivers of the appropriate speed to travel at in order to pass through the upcoming traffic junction on a green light.
The suggested speed is automatically calculated and generated by the system and is shown on the LED display screen. It also reduces possible traffic accidents at the road intersections.
The system, which was awarded the gold medal during the sixth China International Invention Fair, is normally installed 300m-400m ahead of the traffic light intersection.


3D surround at Home by Dolby soon??

Monday, January 5, 2009

Many of us might be aware of 3D surround sound and one name that comes to our mind is "DOLBY". Yes dolby is thinking of getting 3d surround sound to home. They are talking to content providers about encoding its #D technology into BLU-Ray movies.And also working on including 3d technology in video games.sounds cool ha....
But In the current market many companies are putting thier efforts in this praticular task and Dolby might be facing a real tough competetion.
Dolby is already a player in digital 3-D cinema, having introduced its technology to theaters in 2007. It is now used on more than 400 screens in 24 countries.
They say that they have designed this technology in such a way that people doesn't require any additional hardware to feel the 3D surround system.It would work on all 3d enabled televisions.
The progress of digital home 3-D has been slowed by the lack of a unifying technology standard. Groups including the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) and the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) are working on ways to help standardize 3-D home entertainment.
Wel Hope there is n0t much for await that we feel Dolby 3D at Home.......


Best Gadget Of all time

Friday, January 2, 2009

Guys as technology revolution has taken many shapes and lots and lots of innovations from creative minds of the world in technology. You guys might be looking at some coolest gadgets u might not be imagined. I was thinking like there might be top of the top gadgets of all time in the world of technology.
But i wanted to know which is the best Gadget of all time.
According to sony walkman has been stated as Best Number 1 Gadget of all time.

Now in the present world you might coming accross portable music players that are so cheap and unique.But when the blue and silver Walkman debuted in 1979, no one had ever seen anything quite like it. The $200 player virtually invented the concept of "personal electronics."
First Walkman(also branded as the Stowaway) featured a cassette player and the world's first lightweight headphones. But the as the time passed away sony has done many things to reach their customers. At the present you would really wonder if some one is walking down the street still with huge set of headphones going accross head for listening to the music.There was a huge change in technology but That was first best gadget ever.
You can get more gadget list on


Apple,Microsoft and Google SUED?????

When i going browsing through some sites earlier this morn, i found a news article in saying that an michigan based company named Cygnus systems has filed a lawsuit against tech giants Microsoft,Google and Apple. This is for violation of a patent on a particular functionality that priviliges users a brief preview of files before they open them.
This company also said tht microsoft infringed on its patent in Vista, IE and Google in Chrome and Apple in Mac OS. This was filed in court of Arizona. I donno like Company might be expecting some Revenue by doing this but i donno how good it can be for them in this crucial time like already market is into Economic Recession.



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