Intel and Nokia announce partnership

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Some technology experts believe that the future of the technology is Mobiles. Mobile devices has seen lots and lots of changes in the past few years which were hardly imagined. Now looking at the future Intel and Nokia as annouced a partnership to create a new range of chips designed for mobile devices that moves "beyond today’s smartphones, notebooks and netbooks".

Nokia's device head Kai Öistämö hopes that the new partnership will allow the companies to "explore new ideas in designs, materials and displays that will go far beyond devices and services on the market today", however refused to be drawn on when consumers would likely see fruits of the partnership.

As these both industry giants are expertise as leaders in their respective fields, may be the future devices coming from them has the best features and capbilities of the computing and communications worlds and will transform the user experience, bringing incredible mobile applications and always on, always connected wireless Internet access in a user-friendly pocketable form factor", the two companies said in a joint statement.


C.P.Gurnani Mahindra Satyam's new CEO

Mahindra Satyam has got a new CEO annouced last day. C.P.Gurnani is the new CEO of Mahindra Satyam. Gurnani heads a global operations at Tech Mahindra.

Prior to joining Tech Mahindra, Gurnani was chief operating officer of Perot Systems India Ltd., the Indian subsidiary of Perot Systems, an information technology firm founded by two-time presidential candidate Ross Perot.

Tech Mahindra also got a new chief executive: Sanjay Kalra, 46, who is currently president of strategic initiatives at the company.

S. Durgashankar, currently senior vice president for mergers and acquisitions at Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., which holds a majority stake in Tech Mahindra, will become chief financial officer of Mahindra Satyam.


Motorola Karma with Social Networking

Motorola gets ready to rock the smartphone world by annoucing its new smartphone in the US with AT&T. Priced at just $20 which is much cheaper than Apple iphone. Well Motorola names its new smartphone as "Karma".

It got a circular design slider keyboard and its main focus is towards Social Networking. Well most the most of the users who are interested in Social networking can go for this but has few limitations , users cannot download twitter apps and also this phone doesn't support third party app support.

It is pre-installed with Facebook and Myspace.The "Motorola Karma is designed for effortless all-day, every-day mobile socializing with features such as text messaging, instant messaging and homescreen access to Facebook and MySpace," says AT&T in a statement perhaps not realising that social networking is slightly more than text messaging and homescreen access.


Transformers in Real with SuperBot's

Transformers the name looks familier with a Hollywood Movie title. Now Nasa is a process of building Transformers in real. Sounds crazy ha....These Transformers are called Superbots. These are most powerfull Robots to date.

Being designed after a SWATbot, Superbot has all of the abilities of a regular SWATbot (laser gun, tranquilizer gun, etc...), but also has the ability to manifest many different weapons and items (often favoring a leash and collar, used to capture Mobians), much like Grounder's weapon-manifestation abilities. He also has super strength, is quite fast (but not as fast as Sonic) and can fly using jets. He somewhat resembles a gold-painted SWAtbot but can physically express emotions (much like Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts).

NASA wanted a robot that could start as 100 blocky modules dropped from an airplane to a desert, reconfigure into a rover that could drive to a sand dune, and then change again to "grow" legs and climb up it. Once the blocky robot reached the top, it would transform into a greenhouse that could protect a group of seeds for two weeks.

Only 20 of the modules were built during an ambitious project more than two years ago. But together, they are known as Superbot.

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