Microsoft-Yahoo! Deal Make life tough to Google

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Microsoft is tightening up the battle (online) for Google. Yes the Software giant and the online giant Yahoo deal is been cleared by the Americal and European Councils yesterday which is a 10 year contract where microsoft Will push Bing as the mainstram search engine and Yahoo concentrated more on luring big advertisers.

The 10-year deal, struck last July, is part of Microsoft's plans to create an online business to rival Google, a field where Microsoft has lost $5 billion since 2006.

Well the performance of Bing was not too bad in the last year but it has some way to go to challenge the rival Google."Microsoft really has room to throw money at this," said Kim Caughey, senior analyst, Fort Pitt Capital Group.."Microsoft really has room to throw money at this "I think it can work. If they can make inroads in specific target areas, they could have something positive to report." Microsoft has claimed a measure of success with its search engine, Bing, racking up 3.3 points of market share since its June 2009 launch. But Bing has some way to go before it can even seriously think of challenging Google.

Battle between Microsoft and Google is not only limiting to online business but it has got into Operating systems and mobile phones. As discussed earlier its very hard to say who wins the battle and the fact is no one made an major impact on their either's core market.


ADAM, the Ipad Killer from India.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Apple's iPad may soon face the rival in the market but this time it faces the competetion from India , sounds strange but true. An Hyderabad based startup Notion ink. is launching its ADAM into the market and soon it gonna give the first flick at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But first, it was sneaked a preview at Hyderabad’s BVRIT Innovation Centre, where they are based. The big thing it it going to launch directly into the US market initially and start competing the rival APPLE.

Well i was always dreaming about a product based company i mean a potential product which competes the world leaders in the market. I think this is gonna make huge impact on the market now and if does so, india may not be seen as only service providers but also considered as potential players in the IT harware.

Good thing is there are more and more entreprenuers tunring up day to day and specially from Hyderabad and Bangalore there are many startup companies which are looking for a break, and Notion inc succeeds in launching their product that may give lots of spirit to startup accross the nation. And Notion inc was started by young IItians and an MBA graduate.

We knew that Indian engineers and designers were doing most of the innovative work at Microsoft, Intel, and Apple. We just needed to take the first step,” says co-founder Rohan Shravan.

‘‘ Current PC technology is like a Hummer on a city road,’’ quips Rohit Rathi, the youngest of the group at 23, and, along with Shravan, one of four co-founders from IIT Kharagpur. Two are from IIT Delhi while Sachin Ralhan, the eldest at 25, is a childhood friend of Shravan and Rathi and an MBA from IIPM. Apart from Ralhan and Rathi, the other five are all aged 24. What’s so different about their tech? Three years in the making, the Adam tablet is the first device in the world to integrate two breakthrough power saving components — nVidias Tegra 2 chip and a PixelQi screen. Together, they help it achieve twice the battery life and performance of the iPad. The chip provides an edge over the iPad, with its ability to play full high definition videos and Flash on the web browser. ‘‘ It can offer the performance of a computer with the power consumption of a cellphone,’’ explains Shravan.

Adams integrates many innovations first used in the $100 OLPC (one laptop per child) project. Unlike traditional screens, PixelQI screen has a dual mode, and can be read in bright sunlight like an e-reader . With the backlight off, the company claims that it can increase battery life between charges by a factor of five.

NOTION ink didn't do this at an ease but they faced many obstacles specially getting the patent rights and the developers to work on the touch screen interface that runs on Google Andriod mobile operating system and if they need to get the resources who worked on Andriod they need to be higly paid around 1 lakh per month so they come up with a plan of training our engineers.

The company trained and then recruited over 50 engineers at BVRIT in Bachupally, Hyderabad. ‘‘ We got the infrastructure at their Innovation Center, and the students as well. We knew the technology in and out and started training them. Within two months it started paying off, and we started developing the professional applications for the product we wanted to design.’’

‘‘ The company is working on an application store platform of its own, where users can find a wide variety of content. It will offer everything from apps, books, video, audio, to magazines, newspapers and comics,’’ says cofounder Rajat Sahni. ‘‘ We see more and more users reading newspapers on e-readers and tablets in the near future , and has designed a lightweight product that adapts well to this purpose. They showed us a version of how a digital magazine would look on the Adam. We’ve taken design inspiration from a 400-year tradition — the user interface of magazines!’’ chuckles Shravan.

I wish this should be an successful product in the international market which showcase the indian market potential in the IT harware industry and as i said this can build the spirit among the start-ups accross India.


Nokia c Series

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nokia is all set to launch the new C series mobiles into the market. As many know that Nokia is not participating in the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona.Well Nokia is about to launch c3 and c6 mobiles and for information, the current c6 has nothing to do with earlier c6 on 90's market.

The New Nokia c6 is a touch screen handset and at an affordable price. And entire C-Series is aimed at the budget market and will feature phones that will have as many features as other higher-end models - but at a cheaper price tag.

Nokia's existing lineup has the 5230 that holds the title of being the cheapest touchscreen phone from Nokia as of now, which costs around 7900 Rs and they say c6 is even cheaper that 5230. 5230 and 5322 has comparitively got a bigger display than c series mobile but still looking at the price status,Will C6 replace 5230's reign?


Startup lets webcams detect people

Monday, February 8, 2010

Vitamin D, a California-based start-up on Monday released a finished version of software that detects people in surveillance footage recorded by common web cameras, reports Yahoo! Vitamin D uses artificial intelligence to help computers discern between objects such as clouds, planes, and people in a way similar to how the human brain processes visual information.

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Microsoft’s SideWinder X4 Keyboard

Friday, February 5, 2010

What gamers request most is better control in-game, and today Microsoft Hardware launches the SideWinder X4 Keyboard, a keyboard designed to give gamers more control over their gaming experience with the industry’s most advanced anti-ghosting technology.

Developed by the Applied Sciences Group, this new technology ensures gamers’ most complex key combinations will be recognized by the computer to keep the game in action. The new keyboard also offers other advanced gaming features such as macro recording, mode and profile switching, and adjustable backlighting.

The Applied Sciences Group (ASG) is an applied research and development team dedicated to creating the next generation of computer interaction technologies.

SideWinder X4 will allow pressing up to 26 keys at once to come up with your ultimate gaming combos.

The X4 also allows macro recording and auto macro repeat functions. This keyboard can also switch mode to accommodate remembering your moves on different games. Unfortunately, you still have to wait till March to have the SideWinder X4 for $59.95


What's project Sikuli?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Developers has new language to look on , that is "SIKULI". With a basic understanding of Python, people can write programs that incorporate screen shots of graphical user interface (GUI) elements to automate computer work.THis language was devised at the MIT.Sikuli is a visual technology to search and automate graphical user interfaces (GUI) using images (screenshots).

The first release of Sikuli contains Sikuli Script, a visual scripting API for Jython, and Sikuli IDE, an integrated development environment for writing visual scripts with screenshots easily. Sikuli Script automates anything you see on the screen without internal API's support. You can programmatically control a web page, a desktop application running on Windows/Linux/Mac OS X, or even an iphone application running in an emulator.

The main purpose of sikuli is to use images and get the functionality done with them. Like in the below example, we have a screen with Search box and when we click the targeted image , "hello world" should be automatically entered into the searchbox. well just have a look at this now.

got a basic example from their site check it out
Let's begin the tutorial with a customary Hello World example!

You will learn how to capture a screenshot of a GUI element and write a Sikuli Script to:

Click on the element
Type a string into the element
The goal of the Hello World script is to automatically type "Hello World" into the spotlight search box, like this:

Now, open the Sikuli IDE. We begin by taking the screenshot of our target, the Spotlight symbol in the upper-right corner so that we can tell Sikuli Script what to look for and click on.

Sikuli Script provides two methods to switch to the screen capture mode. The first method is to click on the camera button in the toolbar.

The second method is to press the hot-key (Command + Shift + 2 Macs). This hot-key can be triggered even if the script editor is minimized.

In the screen capture mode, the screen will look darker and freeze momentarily. The entire desktop becomes like a canvas. We can draw a rectangle around the target, the spotlight symbol.

The image within the rectangle will be captured and inserted into the editor.

Next, we are going to use the click function to simulate a mouse click on the given target. Type click() and put the image inside of the pair of parenthesizes as the argument to the function.

The next action is to type "Hello World" in to the search box. This is very straightforward.

The type function will type the string given in the argument into whichever input control that has the focus. After clicking on the spotlight symbol, we can expect the spotlight search box will be the input that has the focus.

Congratulations! You have completed your first Sikuli Script. You can press the run button to see this script in action!



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