youtube is the second largest Search engine tool.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Youtube one of the favourite sites to hangout is been ranked as world's second largest search engine. And you know what, this is owned by world's first largest search engine none other than Google. Youtube gradually increased tremondous traffic after it has been aquired by Google. Now what makes it interesting is how is google getting profit out of this as it never declared youtube as a revenue center...

Coming to Youtube it is now completed 6years in the industry and became the second largest search engine and i believe it has lot of potential in this because coming to search engines, Google and youtube differ a lot and Google is being used in all the sectors like education, Information technology, Daily needs, Transport etc but coming to Youtube i guess even it has got diversified sectors to rely upon but it is only related to videos and it still managed to be ranked 2nd in search engines where as it has some tough competetores like Bing, etc.

youtube gets two billion views a day, up 50% since 2009 and in india it has got 20 million unique visitors. I believe Facebook which is the furious competetor for google, helped youtube to increase its traffic a lot. Facebook gained popularity in India mostly on sharing the videos on it publicly and facebook being an famous mobile app in India now, eventually youtube got its popularity through facebook. I believe Facebook missed out this strategy while competing with Google.

If you talk about monetizing on youtube, it has already got Google ads and other brands advertising on the website which can make good money to youtube. Well Well lets see how the other search engines improvise their strategies in bringing up their traffic , nevertheless acquiring youtube was a very good move by Google and it proved that it is worth while.



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