Replacement to XP on Opensource

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Open source again comes to the news, as i mentioned in my earlier post about Open source taking the grip on the market. Now Microsoft has some serious thing to Look up on. Windows XP is the most successfull OS in the Microsofts history. Now a company named Rain Forest wind Guangdong computer technology has come out with a alternative to XP in opensource community.

Rain Forest Wind has created a new operating system, dubbed Ylmf OS. It is based on the popular Ubuntu platform but looks exactly like Windows XP. This OS is based on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and also integrates OpenOffice3.1, an office software that will allow Chinese language customers to open all Microsoft Office files.

Ylmf also integrates Wine, CompizConfig Effects Settings manager, Firefox, aMule electric donkey download, Pidgin instant messaging client and FileZilla FTP client.

Most of the Chinese fonts are integrated into Ylmf, so it's rather impossible for English language users to use it. Guys these chinese markets have already created a serious impact on Mobile industry, electronics etc now they are threat to Worlds Software Giant Microsoft :) that's interesting. Mr. Ballmer please have a keen Look around.


Open source picking up in 2010?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Open source is a community which is growing up day to day. As the market is looking over online as a main stream business there are many open source developers are generating at a high speed and community is growing at a rapid pace.And for a surprise open source strategy has been choosen by online giants and also it stood as center stage as a business strategy in large software economy.

Opensource has got various reasons for its success , according to me it is best thing to choose upon for starting up an online business ranging from ecommerce to any sort of business as you get a constant support and excellent quality free of cost. I would say open source has achieved another milestone as it has been choosen by Google as its main stream business strategy in year 2009.Open source is into market for a decade now.

Google was into opensource for year , it has got best open source developers like Guido van Rossum and Greg Stein.In 2008, Google realised that open source is no more a small thing or a project to reasearch upon but a it is now considered as main stream event.

Open source was a huge competetion or a strategy to destroy the kingdoms built by Bill gates and steve jobs. Microsoft and Apple stood strong for the competetion given by Opensource for the past few years. As Microsoft is keen in taking over a grip in online marker and was also succeeded to an extent by its search engine but it has have an keen eye on Opensource strategies taken over by its biggest rival Google.

Google has shown its keen interest in Opensource and the best example is Andriod applications and Chrome.This strategy is working very successfully for google as Andriod is picking up day to day. Microsoft has also choosen the way of Open source but i would say once a giant like Google has choosed its way towards open source , definitely other players would also choose the way of Open source. It clearly shows that in 2010 Open source is going to change many things in the approaches followed by giants like Apple, Microsoft , Oracle etc. So the coming year would be very interesting to watch how this Opensource community gonna impact on the business.How Microsoft adapts to methodologies to compete over the business specially online.


Burn Out In IT sector

Monday, December 28, 2009

Guys last week i was on NDTV studio participating for a prog named Chennai speaks out. That was an interesting topic to fight on. Well the topic was like is the management responsible for the stress loaded on IT professionals or the employees themselves stress upon for thick vallets.

Well the topic started like this

To what extent the Role of HR in a company for turning burn out in employees
I would say HR has lot to do in a company. One of the HR was arguing saying " when we are recruiting a fresher they say you are my GOD. But after two years same fresher comes to HR asking for some increment and if they doesnt do that they curse them and even if HR gives a pink slip they curse them, what does HR has to do with Pink slip"

Now i say when a HR recruites an employee definitely the employee would be thankful for that but think once HR is not selecting an employee on their personal opinion rather they select an employee based on his or her strengths like Technical assets, communication, interpersonal skilss etc etc. Now Employee works the company for two years and company have earned ten times more that an employee being payed . Now that employee comes and ask for some increment or a good project, Management says why should we do???? come on this is business employees are not here to work for lifetime with the same package and more commitments. When coming to Pink slips, i would say this pretty unfair with employees in many situations. The Decision making is with the management and if the company runs into losses most probably that is due to pure managerial decisions, Now say why should employee get fired here.

And HR was saying i am not unfair to an employee giving him an pink slip. I dont say it is mistake of an HR. But imagine how many HR's at Fresher level get fired compared to normal employees. And more over Employee is the one who directly gets the money to the company but not the HR. Instead company has to spend money on HR to retain him, i mean HR doesn't earn a single penny to the comapny which an employee does. How many times HR comes to employees asking for the problems being faced by the employees.

Another question in the show was "How many employees say No directly when he or she asked to do some task"

Hearing to this i would rather say how many managers are there that they would LOVE to here No. i think count would be very minimal. Employees are not being faced to transparent situation but they are curved into such a shape that they are used to say YES even though it is tough to say YES. Imagine a manager fix up a deadline and comes to employee asking for can you do it and if that employee says NO it is like direct impact on his aprraisal. This is how Burn out Generates.Most of the times Managers treat employee as a piece of clay which can be moulded into shape they needed.

Are the project Deadlines by the PM's a reason for Burn out?

Here i will say most of the times it is YES. Bcoz how many PM's will have a meeting with employees before fixing up a deadline , if they are questioned on this they reply back "i assumed a deadline based on employee assets" now employees are not the computers these are human brains, even these are the same brains which a project manager has and these brains should not only think about managerial things but also think about technical milestones to be achieved. Deadlines needs to be flexible i mean PM's should be transperant enough to the clients saying what is rite and what is wrong instead of accepting the tasks in short time.

How much does recognition have an impact on Burn Out?

Recognition is the one of the main factor that turns out for burn out in employees. Imagine employees working day and night for achieving the deadlines and PM's get the credit for just managing the team ( boss they just managed the things nothing more than that, if employee doesnt work what does a managed can do but employee can work with out a manager.) .
The whole thing starts from being unrecognised by the management. I would every member in a team is valuable and every member in a team should be recognised for what he or she has done for the project may be a big thing or a small thing as they can only do the things which they were assigned to do. i will say my personal experience, i am very good member to my team every one says including the management as i never had an escallation in my 3 year career with the company i am working for and i take care of team building activities and also i work towards organization as a Event committee manager (basically i am a developer for a project). I am doing so many things. Now the time has come Appraisal :) PM told me how you are different from other member in a team i said the same things and i also said most of the time i am working for the project and when ever i get free time i works to wards team and the organization. Then immediate reply was " you are being paid for project not for team building activities and Organizational activities" i was stunned and asked him how many employees in your organization who are sitting on bench are utilising their time in a proper way " he replied nothing. And he said these activities are nothing. Man imagine if Management has such PM's in the organization they would definitely loose the employees like ne. I have least respect towards my Manger who replied to me in such a way.
What i am saying is Management should have clear vision what sort of people they are managing. The PM which i had conversation is leading a project who has got absolutely no work and they used to play "WORD PUZZLE","SUDOKU" (whole team) and he gave appreciations for that teams members as they are his freinds. Man how can guys like this are in the company.

He has least technical skills as a PM and worst communication skills as a PM and Worst Managerial skills now company is paying him high and bcoz of his behaviour my team size is half of the original. Now see , why should an employee work for an organization which doesn't recognise him????????????????

One of the CEO's on the show said

Many organization provide Gyms and Other health care activities why not employees utilise these things

GOD i want these management to open their eyes, employees are here to work not for work outs and imagine an employee working a fully loaded project and mentally stressed when coming out of office , how can he go for gym and start running on a thread mill. And if an employee doesn't have enough work how many PM's encourage that employee to go gym and do some work out. Guys think correct you are managers not chaprasis to give such foolish ideas.

Coming to health check ups. I accept most of the companies do health check up but that is just for the name sake saying to the industry that even we are doing health check up activities. How many companies take the feedback from the doctors who did the check up of the employee, i mean feedback on health conditions i would no company does that. Take a practical situation , if i would attend a health campaign organised by my company and doctor says you are weak , mentally stressed up you cant come to office for 3 days will the Management considers this , absolutely not. so what's my suggestion is instead of wasting money on Gyms, health check ups and Infrastructure like how well does my bulding looks,
spend the same money on the employee by giving some bonus , increments etc etc.

One of the CEO said you should change the company if you are being ill treated.

What he said was true but the question is why should an employee should be ill treated even he is an asset to the company. When does the question of ill treated rises. this raises only when employee is not satisfied with this managers and when management is clear on this why cant they sack manager rather than an employee. They managers are crucial towards the organization, boss when employee explaing the practical situation that he being faced by the manager how can company think that manager is an asset to the company. Imagine even if there is a small escalation on an employee that employee will be faced the consequences by the management why not this being implemented for the managers.

One big question is why should an employee change the company if he/she is being ill treated . I think they should have enough rights to question the management before they take a decision of quits. And after the arguements if the employee quits then i say management has lost in this arguement not the employee.

You should be like a family in a company.
Boss we are not here to make our famlies we are here to make money and you are here to make money. This is pure business , management is earning on employees and employees should earn
according to their efforts.

Look at the media they created hype for the death of Mr.Ranjan Das due to stress on his work and whole debate started now is really IT people are being stressed. I feel pitty for Ranjan Das but he is big shot got enough money towards his family , i am not criticising him but i want to take the situations of the employees who are getting fired and who got fired.
Imagine a employee who is newly wedded and bought a house on Loan and next day he saw a mail saying that "you are No longer allowed to work with this organization" as the company turing into losses. Imagine what sort of burden that employee has to weigh on his shoulders.

Media should not take issue of Ranjan Das and say there is lott of stress out there in the industry, there are many many employees who are suffering in this industry bcoz of poor management and poor and disguting PM's and Managers.

Managment is purely responsible for Burn out in an employee.


Top 10 Microsoft Programming Languages

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Microsoft the software Giant shares the most used programming languages which keeps a track of them for its ongoing business. Many of them wanted to know this information if not i was one of the person among which who are very eagar to know about the programming languages which they use. I being a .Net developer i am very passionate about Microsoft and when looked on these languages there are one or two which i never heard about.Well c and c++ are the most basic languages which are most prmary languages used at Microsoft. But here is the list of the languages used for most at Microsoft...


C++ is the workhorse language at Microsoft. The company uses C++ to build many of its core applications. C++ is a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose programming language. C++ is widely used in the software industry, and remains one of the most popular languages ever created. Some of its application domains include systems software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such as video games.


Microsoft announced Microsoft C# in 2001 as a modern, object-oriented programming language built from the ground up to exploit the power of X M L-based Web services on the .NET platform. With its object-oriented design, C# is useful for developers building a wide range of high-performance Web applications and components—from X M L-based Web services to middle-tier business objects and system-level applications. The language has been crafted to help developers accomplish more with fewer lines of code, and with fewer opportunities for error.

Visual Basic

Basic can be considered the language that Microsoft was built upon. Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is an object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB), which is implemented on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Microsoft is considering opening up the compilers of both Visual Basic and C#.


IronPython is an implementation of the Python programming language running under .NET and Silverlight. It supports an interactive console with fully dynamic compilation. It's well-integrated with the rest of the .NET Framework and makes all .NET libraries easily available to Python programmers, while maintaining compatibility with the Python language. IronPython is hosted on Microsoft's CodePlex open-source project hosting Website and is part of Microsoft's open-source strategy.


IronRuby is a .NET implementation of the Ruby programming language.
IronRuby heavily leverages Microsoft's Dynamic Language Runtime, and both are released with full source code under the Microsoft Public License. The IronRuby source code is hosted on Rubyforge, which is a home for open-source Ruby projects. IronRuby is implemented on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime, a library running on top of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) 2.0 that provides dynamic typing and dynamic method dispatch, among other things, for dynamic languages. IronRuby is part of Microsoft's open-source strategy.


JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within both the client application and other applications. It is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript, implemented as an integrated component of the Web browser, allowing the development of enhanced user interfaces and dynamic Websites. JavaScript is a dialect of the ECMAScript standard and is characterized as a dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based language with first-class functions. JavaScript was influenced by many languages and was designed to look like Java, but to be easier for non-programmers to work with. Microsoft keeps abreast of JavaScript for its Internet Explorer browser and other Web applications. JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich, chief technology officer of Mozilla Corp.


F# is a typed functional programming language for the .NET Framework. It combines the succinctness, expressivity and compositionality of typed functional programming with the run-time support, libraries, interoperability, tools and object model of .NET. F# was initially developed by Don Syme at Microsoft Research but is now being developed at Microsoft Developer Division and will be distributed as a fully supported language in the .NET Framework and Visual Studio as part of Visual Studio 2010.


PHP is a widely used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.
Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7.0 provides an open platform for hosting PHP applications from a single server. The Microsoft Web Platform supports interoperability of PHP applications and solutions built on Windows. Many PHP developers currently use Windows for their development environment of choice, and with the Windows Web Application Gallery, PHP developers now can choose from numerous applications and solutions, built in PHP, that run well on Windows. In addition, PHP developers can benefit from the huge community bases of ASP.NET, PHP, Microsoft Partners and other communities out there that are committed to supporting the Windows Web Application Gallery. Microsoft also offers a PHP software development kit (SDK) for its Windows Azure cloud platform. In addition, Microsoft has a partnership with Zend, the PHP company, to support PHP on the Window platform and in the cloud.


The Microsoft language code-named "M" is a declarative language for working with data and building domain models. "M" lets users write down how they want to structure and query their data using a textual syntax that is convenient to both author and reader. "M" does not mandate how data is stored or accessed, nor does it mandate a specific implementation technology. Rather, "M" is designed to allow users to write down what they want from their data without having to specify how those requirements are met by a specific technology or platform. "M" is part of the Microsoft modeling technology formerly known as "Oslo" and now known as SQL Server Modeling. Don Box, a Microsoft distinguished engineer and the company's chief modeling officer, was a founding member of the "M" language team.


Axum is an incubation project from Microsoft's Parallel Computing Platform that aims to validate a safe and productive parallel programming model for the .NET framework. It's a language that builds upon the architecture of the Web and the principles of isolation, actors and message-passing to increase application safety, responsiveness, scalability and developer productivity. Other advanced concepts Microsoft is exploring are data flow networks, asynchronous methods and type annotations for taming side-effects. Although Axum is an incubation project, Microsoft has included support for Axum in the beta release of Visual Studio 2010.

Well these are most used languages in Microsoft and keep looking for info on Microsoft.


Google's Real-time search.

Google real-time searhc is the new big thing with Google strategies to take the grip on the search engine market. Google announced in october that its going to add search results in real-time to its engine, giving end-users the option of seeing relevent links that have just added to its index. This sounds great for an end user.

They say that there is so much of information is being reveiled on the internet from minute to minute which can be very well linked to its search results. For example they get the results from twitter or Facebook which changes dynamically per second to second.

Bing is a search engine which unveiled the real-time search concept in October primarily focusing on Twitter results , where as yahoo is also going the same direction. Now google has choosen this way but in a more appropriate way. They say that google is fetching results not only from twitter or Facebook but from the all the social networking sites, blogs, and from the all the pages which has high rates of changing.

Google will be developing 12 new technologies for improving real-time search which requires monitoring more than 1 billion fast-changing pages.

Here is how it goes, when user searches for a result there will be a section called latest results which talks about the real-time search results. This will open up a section right on the search results page with relavent items scrolling in as they become available.

This real time search option is also available for iphones and andriod devices.

With Real time search google is providing another option called Hot topics which gives the hottest topics at any given time.


SUNS focusing on JAVA EE6

SUN the software giant finally opens up to the world after being silent for a while and awaiting for the merger with ORACLE. JAVA EE6 is the big thing from SUN this season which has got an approval from the java community process last week.

Sun executives will provide in-depth details about the new release of Java EE6, Sun GlassFish Enterprise server and Netbeans 6.8.They also speak about the impact of the new releases on the java community.

Java EE6 features capabilities such as Web profile for web developers. Accomodation for dynamic languages and REST(representational state transfer) are in the specification as well.

And Netbeans 6.8 IDE is going to come soon , a release candidate is available already.This 6.8 version supports java EE6 with improved support for the javaserver Faces 2.0 specification and Facelets. It also supports php5.3 support and accomodates for the Maven build manager for java projects.


Chrome Heats up Google-Microsoft rivalry

Google-Microsoft rivalry heated up more now by the announcement of chrome from google.Chrome is expected to be released to the Open source community and if this new linux based OS catches on quickly after it will available in next year, Google can easily convice the corporate users that its hosted google apps offering is better alternative to Microsoft's Office suite.

Microsoft has something to look on, as in a conference held in Mid of November google reveiled that the new OS cant fully replace Windows. This OS runs web-hosted apps and only supports peripherals that comply with specific Hardware desings.They say there are some applications todays that aren't available on the web. And this is systems which doesnt support for some applications like if you are a lawyer planning to spend your whole day editing contracts back and forth this isn't the right machine.

"This really is a fight to the death for Google and Microsoft" said an analyst ar Instat."It is a fight between business models for software, applications, advertising and the internet".

Chrome users needs to be Ok with the cloud computing and its basic premise of keeping their data and applications in third party data centers.This new OS is more focused towards the WEb utilising which is Google's mainstream business. When asked about is the new OS supports typical desktop apps like photoshop fullfledged, they say this is not for that and "that war was fought and Long ago almost".

Chrome is focused on revitilising the netbook market which is going down gradually as the conventional laptops are becoming cheaper these days.

Well Chrome unveling came into picture less than an six months by the announcement of BING by Microsoft.In the war of Microsoft and Google analysts say they dont see a potential winned or a looser but we may see many technology variations.



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