Chrome Heats up Google-Microsoft rivalry

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google-Microsoft rivalry heated up more now by the announcement of chrome from google.Chrome is expected to be released to the Open source community and if this new linux based OS catches on quickly after it will available in next year, Google can easily convice the corporate users that its hosted google apps offering is better alternative to Microsoft's Office suite.

Microsoft has something to look on, as in a conference held in Mid of November google reveiled that the new OS cant fully replace Windows. This OS runs web-hosted apps and only supports peripherals that comply with specific Hardware desings.They say there are some applications todays that aren't available on the web. And this is systems which doesnt support for some applications like if you are a lawyer planning to spend your whole day editing contracts back and forth this isn't the right machine.

"This really is a fight to the death for Google and Microsoft" said an analyst ar Instat."It is a fight between business models for software, applications, advertising and the internet".

Chrome users needs to be Ok with the cloud computing and its basic premise of keeping their data and applications in third party data centers.This new OS is more focused towards the WEb utilising which is Google's mainstream business. When asked about is the new OS supports typical desktop apps like photoshop fullfledged, they say this is not for that and "that war was fought and Long ago almost".

Chrome is focused on revitilising the netbook market which is going down gradually as the conventional laptops are becoming cheaper these days.

Well Chrome unveling came into picture less than an six months by the announcement of BING by Microsoft.In the war of Microsoft and Google analysts say they dont see a potential winned or a looser but we may see many technology variations.

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