Google's Real-time search.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Google real-time searhc is the new big thing with Google strategies to take the grip on the search engine market. Google announced in october that its going to add search results in real-time to its engine, giving end-users the option of seeing relevent links that have just added to its index. This sounds great for an end user.

They say that there is so much of information is being reveiled on the internet from minute to minute which can be very well linked to its search results. For example they get the results from twitter or Facebook which changes dynamically per second to second.

Bing is a search engine which unveiled the real-time search concept in October primarily focusing on Twitter results , where as yahoo is also going the same direction. Now google has choosen this way but in a more appropriate way. They say that google is fetching results not only from twitter or Facebook but from the all the social networking sites, blogs, and from the all the pages which has high rates of changing.

Google will be developing 12 new technologies for improving real-time search which requires monitoring more than 1 billion fast-changing pages.

Here is how it goes, when user searches for a result there will be a section called latest results which talks about the real-time search results. This will open up a section right on the search results page with relavent items scrolling in as they become available.

This real time search option is also available for iphones and andriod devices.

With Real time search google is providing another option called Hot topics which gives the hottest topics at any given time.

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