Open source picking up in 2010?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Open source is a community which is growing up day to day. As the market is looking over online as a main stream business there are many open source developers are generating at a high speed and community is growing at a rapid pace.And for a surprise open source strategy has been choosen by online giants and also it stood as center stage as a business strategy in large software economy.

Opensource has got various reasons for its success , according to me it is best thing to choose upon for starting up an online business ranging from ecommerce to any sort of business as you get a constant support and excellent quality free of cost. I would say open source has achieved another milestone as it has been choosen by Google as its main stream business strategy in year 2009.Open source is into market for a decade now.

Google was into opensource for year , it has got best open source developers like Guido van Rossum and Greg Stein.In 2008, Google realised that open source is no more a small thing or a project to reasearch upon but a it is now considered as main stream event.

Open source was a huge competetion or a strategy to destroy the kingdoms built by Bill gates and steve jobs. Microsoft and Apple stood strong for the competetion given by Opensource for the past few years. As Microsoft is keen in taking over a grip in online marker and was also succeeded to an extent by its search engine but it has have an keen eye on Opensource strategies taken over by its biggest rival Google.

Google has shown its keen interest in Opensource and the best example is Andriod applications and Chrome.This strategy is working very successfully for google as Andriod is picking up day to day. Microsoft has also choosen the way of Open source but i would say once a giant like Google has choosed its way towards open source , definitely other players would also choose the way of Open source. It clearly shows that in 2010 Open source is going to change many things in the approaches followed by giants like Apple, Microsoft , Oracle etc. So the coming year would be very interesting to watch how this Opensource community gonna impact on the business.How Microsoft adapts to methodologies to compete over the business specially online.

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