Replacement to XP on Opensource

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Open source again comes to the news, as i mentioned in my earlier post about Open source taking the grip on the market. Now Microsoft has some serious thing to Look up on. Windows XP is the most successfull OS in the Microsofts history. Now a company named Rain Forest wind Guangdong computer technology has come out with a alternative to XP in opensource community.

Rain Forest Wind has created a new operating system, dubbed Ylmf OS. It is based on the popular Ubuntu platform but looks exactly like Windows XP. This OS is based on Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and also integrates OpenOffice3.1, an office software that will allow Chinese language customers to open all Microsoft Office files.

Ylmf also integrates Wine, CompizConfig Effects Settings manager, Firefox, aMule electric donkey download, Pidgin instant messaging client and FileZilla FTP client.

Most of the Chinese fonts are integrated into Ylmf, so it's rather impossible for English language users to use it. Guys these chinese markets have already created a serious impact on Mobile industry, electronics etc now they are threat to Worlds Software Giant Microsoft :) that's interesting. Mr. Ballmer please have a keen Look around.


Open source picking up in 2010?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Open source is a community which is growing up day to day. As the market is looking over online as a main stream business there are many open source developers are generating at a high speed and community is growing at a rapid pace.And for a surprise open source strategy has been choosen by online giants and also it stood as center stage as a business strategy in large software economy.

Opensource has got various reasons for its success , according to me it is best thing to choose upon for starting up an online business ranging from ecommerce to any sort of business as you get a constant support and excellent quality free of cost. I would say open source has achieved another milestone as it has been choosen by Google as its main stream business strategy in year 2009.Open source is into market for a decade now.

Google was into opensource for year , it has got best open source developers like Guido van Rossum and Greg Stein.In 2008, Google realised that open source is no more a small thing or a project to reasearch upon but a it is now considered as main stream event.

Open source was a huge competetion or a strategy to destroy the kingdoms built by Bill gates and steve jobs. Microsoft and Apple stood strong for the competetion given by Opensource for the past few years. As Microsoft is keen in taking over a grip in online marker and was also succeeded to an extent by its search engine but it has have an keen eye on Opensource strategies taken over by its biggest rival Google.

Google has shown its keen interest in Opensource and the best example is Andriod applications and Chrome.This strategy is working very successfully for google as Andriod is picking up day to day. Microsoft has also choosen the way of Open source but i would say once a giant like Google has choosed its way towards open source , definitely other players would also choose the way of Open source. It clearly shows that in 2010 Open source is going to change many things in the approaches followed by giants like Apple, Microsoft , Oracle etc. So the coming year would be very interesting to watch how this Opensource community gonna impact on the business.How Microsoft adapts to methodologies to compete over the business specially online.


Burn Out In IT sector

Monday, December 28, 2009

Guys last week i was on NDTV studio participating for a prog named Chennai speaks out. That was an interesting topic to fight on. Well the topic was like is the management responsible for the stress loaded on IT professionals or the employees themselves stress upon for thick vallets.

Well the topic started like this

To what extent the Role of HR in a company for turning burn out in employees
I would say HR has lot to do in a company. One of the HR was arguing saying " when we are recruiting a fresher they say you are my GOD. But after two years same fresher comes to HR asking for some increment and if they doesnt do that they curse them and even if HR gives a pink slip they curse them, what does HR has to do with Pink slip"

Now i say when a HR recruites an employee definitely the employee would be thankful for that but think once HR is not selecting an employee on their personal opinion rather they select an employee based on his or her strengths like Technical assets, communication, interpersonal skilss etc etc. Now Employee works the company for two years and company have earned ten times more that an employee being payed . Now that employee comes and ask for some increment or a good project, Management says why should we do???? come on this is business employees are not here to work for lifetime with the same package and more commitments. When coming to Pink slips, i would say this pretty unfair with employees in many situations. The Decision making is with the management and if the company runs into losses most probably that is due to pure managerial decisions, Now say why should employee get fired here.

And HR was saying i am not unfair to an employee giving him an pink slip. I dont say it is mistake of an HR. But imagine how many HR's at Fresher level get fired compared to normal employees. And more over Employee is the one who directly gets the money to the company but not the HR. Instead company has to spend money on HR to retain him, i mean HR doesn't earn a single penny to the comapny which an employee does. How many times HR comes to employees asking for the problems being faced by the employees.

Another question in the show was "How many employees say No directly when he or she asked to do some task"

Hearing to this i would rather say how many managers are there that they would LOVE to here No. i think count would be very minimal. Employees are not being faced to transparent situation but they are curved into such a shape that they are used to say YES even though it is tough to say YES. Imagine a manager fix up a deadline and comes to employee asking for can you do it and if that employee says NO it is like direct impact on his aprraisal. This is how Burn out Generates.Most of the times Managers treat employee as a piece of clay which can be moulded into shape they needed.

Are the project Deadlines by the PM's a reason for Burn out?

Here i will say most of the times it is YES. Bcoz how many PM's will have a meeting with employees before fixing up a deadline , if they are questioned on this they reply back "i assumed a deadline based on employee assets" now employees are not the computers these are human brains, even these are the same brains which a project manager has and these brains should not only think about managerial things but also think about technical milestones to be achieved. Deadlines needs to be flexible i mean PM's should be transperant enough to the clients saying what is rite and what is wrong instead of accepting the tasks in short time.

How much does recognition have an impact on Burn Out?

Recognition is the one of the main factor that turns out for burn out in employees. Imagine employees working day and night for achieving the deadlines and PM's get the credit for just managing the team ( boss they just managed the things nothing more than that, if employee doesnt work what does a managed can do but employee can work with out a manager.) .
The whole thing starts from being unrecognised by the management. I would every member in a team is valuable and every member in a team should be recognised for what he or she has done for the project may be a big thing or a small thing as they can only do the things which they were assigned to do. i will say my personal experience, i am very good member to my team every one says including the management as i never had an escallation in my 3 year career with the company i am working for and i take care of team building activities and also i work towards organization as a Event committee manager (basically i am a developer for a project). I am doing so many things. Now the time has come Appraisal :) PM told me how you are different from other member in a team i said the same things and i also said most of the time i am working for the project and when ever i get free time i works to wards team and the organization. Then immediate reply was " you are being paid for project not for team building activities and Organizational activities" i was stunned and asked him how many employees in your organization who are sitting on bench are utilising their time in a proper way " he replied nothing. And he said these activities are nothing. Man imagine if Management has such PM's in the organization they would definitely loose the employees like ne. I have least respect towards my Manger who replied to me in such a way.
What i am saying is Management should have clear vision what sort of people they are managing. The PM which i had conversation is leading a project who has got absolutely no work and they used to play "WORD PUZZLE","SUDOKU" (whole team) and he gave appreciations for that teams members as they are his freinds. Man how can guys like this are in the company.

He has least technical skills as a PM and worst communication skills as a PM and Worst Managerial skills now company is paying him high and bcoz of his behaviour my team size is half of the original. Now see , why should an employee work for an organization which doesn't recognise him????????????????

One of the CEO's on the show said

Many organization provide Gyms and Other health care activities why not employees utilise these things

GOD i want these management to open their eyes, employees are here to work not for work outs and imagine an employee working a fully loaded project and mentally stressed when coming out of office , how can he go for gym and start running on a thread mill. And if an employee doesn't have enough work how many PM's encourage that employee to go gym and do some work out. Guys think correct you are managers not chaprasis to give such foolish ideas.

Coming to health check ups. I accept most of the companies do health check up but that is just for the name sake saying to the industry that even we are doing health check up activities. How many companies take the feedback from the doctors who did the check up of the employee, i mean feedback on health conditions i would no company does that. Take a practical situation , if i would attend a health campaign organised by my company and doctor says you are weak , mentally stressed up you cant come to office for 3 days will the Management considers this , absolutely not. so what's my suggestion is instead of wasting money on Gyms, health check ups and Infrastructure like how well does my bulding looks,
spend the same money on the employee by giving some bonus , increments etc etc.

One of the CEO said you should change the company if you are being ill treated.

What he said was true but the question is why should an employee should be ill treated even he is an asset to the company. When does the question of ill treated rises. this raises only when employee is not satisfied with this managers and when management is clear on this why cant they sack manager rather than an employee. They managers are crucial towards the organization, boss when employee explaing the practical situation that he being faced by the manager how can company think that manager is an asset to the company. Imagine even if there is a small escalation on an employee that employee will be faced the consequences by the management why not this being implemented for the managers.

One big question is why should an employee change the company if he/she is being ill treated . I think they should have enough rights to question the management before they take a decision of quits. And after the arguements if the employee quits then i say management has lost in this arguement not the employee.

You should be like a family in a company.
Boss we are not here to make our famlies we are here to make money and you are here to make money. This is pure business , management is earning on employees and employees should earn
according to their efforts.

Look at the media they created hype for the death of Mr.Ranjan Das due to stress on his work and whole debate started now is really IT people are being stressed. I feel pitty for Ranjan Das but he is big shot got enough money towards his family , i am not criticising him but i want to take the situations of the employees who are getting fired and who got fired.
Imagine a employee who is newly wedded and bought a house on Loan and next day he saw a mail saying that "you are No longer allowed to work with this organization" as the company turing into losses. Imagine what sort of burden that employee has to weigh on his shoulders.

Media should not take issue of Ranjan Das and say there is lott of stress out there in the industry, there are many many employees who are suffering in this industry bcoz of poor management and poor and disguting PM's and Managers.

Managment is purely responsible for Burn out in an employee.


Top 10 Microsoft Programming Languages

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Microsoft the software Giant shares the most used programming languages which keeps a track of them for its ongoing business. Many of them wanted to know this information if not i was one of the person among which who are very eagar to know about the programming languages which they use. I being a .Net developer i am very passionate about Microsoft and when looked on these languages there are one or two which i never heard about.Well c and c++ are the most basic languages which are most prmary languages used at Microsoft. But here is the list of the languages used for most at Microsoft...


C++ is the workhorse language at Microsoft. The company uses C++ to build many of its core applications. C++ is a statically typed, free-form, multi-paradigm, compiled, general-purpose programming language. C++ is widely used in the software industry, and remains one of the most popular languages ever created. Some of its application domains include systems software, application software, device drivers, embedded software, high-performance server and client applications, and entertainment software such as video games.


Microsoft announced Microsoft C# in 2001 as a modern, object-oriented programming language built from the ground up to exploit the power of X M L-based Web services on the .NET platform. With its object-oriented design, C# is useful for developers building a wide range of high-performance Web applications and components—from X M L-based Web services to middle-tier business objects and system-level applications. The language has been crafted to help developers accomplish more with fewer lines of code, and with fewer opportunities for error.

Visual Basic

Basic can be considered the language that Microsoft was built upon. Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) is an object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft's Visual Basic (VB), which is implemented on the Microsoft .NET Framework. Microsoft is considering opening up the compilers of both Visual Basic and C#.


IronPython is an implementation of the Python programming language running under .NET and Silverlight. It supports an interactive console with fully dynamic compilation. It's well-integrated with the rest of the .NET Framework and makes all .NET libraries easily available to Python programmers, while maintaining compatibility with the Python language. IronPython is hosted on Microsoft's CodePlex open-source project hosting Website and is part of Microsoft's open-source strategy.


IronRuby is a .NET implementation of the Ruby programming language.
IronRuby heavily leverages Microsoft's Dynamic Language Runtime, and both are released with full source code under the Microsoft Public License. The IronRuby source code is hosted on Rubyforge, which is a home for open-source Ruby projects. IronRuby is implemented on top of the Dynamic Language Runtime, a library running on top of the Common Language Runtime (CLR) 2.0 that provides dynamic typing and dynamic method dispatch, among other things, for dynamic languages. IronRuby is part of Microsoft's open-source strategy.


JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language used to enable programmatic access to objects within both the client application and other applications. It is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript, implemented as an integrated component of the Web browser, allowing the development of enhanced user interfaces and dynamic Websites. JavaScript is a dialect of the ECMAScript standard and is characterized as a dynamic, weakly typed, prototype-based language with first-class functions. JavaScript was influenced by many languages and was designed to look like Java, but to be easier for non-programmers to work with. Microsoft keeps abreast of JavaScript for its Internet Explorer browser and other Web applications. JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich, chief technology officer of Mozilla Corp.


F# is a typed functional programming language for the .NET Framework. It combines the succinctness, expressivity and compositionality of typed functional programming with the run-time support, libraries, interoperability, tools and object model of .NET. F# was initially developed by Don Syme at Microsoft Research but is now being developed at Microsoft Developer Division and will be distributed as a fully supported language in the .NET Framework and Visual Studio as part of Visual Studio 2010.


PHP is a widely used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.
Windows Server 2008 with IIS 7.0 provides an open platform for hosting PHP applications from a single server. The Microsoft Web Platform supports interoperability of PHP applications and solutions built on Windows. Many PHP developers currently use Windows for their development environment of choice, and with the Windows Web Application Gallery, PHP developers now can choose from numerous applications and solutions, built in PHP, that run well on Windows. In addition, PHP developers can benefit from the huge community bases of ASP.NET, PHP, Microsoft Partners and other communities out there that are committed to supporting the Windows Web Application Gallery. Microsoft also offers a PHP software development kit (SDK) for its Windows Azure cloud platform. In addition, Microsoft has a partnership with Zend, the PHP company, to support PHP on the Window platform and in the cloud.


The Microsoft language code-named "M" is a declarative language for working with data and building domain models. "M" lets users write down how they want to structure and query their data using a textual syntax that is convenient to both author and reader. "M" does not mandate how data is stored or accessed, nor does it mandate a specific implementation technology. Rather, "M" is designed to allow users to write down what they want from their data without having to specify how those requirements are met by a specific technology or platform. "M" is part of the Microsoft modeling technology formerly known as "Oslo" and now known as SQL Server Modeling. Don Box, a Microsoft distinguished engineer and the company's chief modeling officer, was a founding member of the "M" language team.


Axum is an incubation project from Microsoft's Parallel Computing Platform that aims to validate a safe and productive parallel programming model for the .NET framework. It's a language that builds upon the architecture of the Web and the principles of isolation, actors and message-passing to increase application safety, responsiveness, scalability and developer productivity. Other advanced concepts Microsoft is exploring are data flow networks, asynchronous methods and type annotations for taming side-effects. Although Axum is an incubation project, Microsoft has included support for Axum in the beta release of Visual Studio 2010.

Well these are most used languages in Microsoft and keep looking for info on Microsoft.


Google's Real-time search.

Google real-time searhc is the new big thing with Google strategies to take the grip on the search engine market. Google announced in october that its going to add search results in real-time to its engine, giving end-users the option of seeing relevent links that have just added to its index. This sounds great for an end user.

They say that there is so much of information is being reveiled on the internet from minute to minute which can be very well linked to its search results. For example they get the results from twitter or Facebook which changes dynamically per second to second.

Bing is a search engine which unveiled the real-time search concept in October primarily focusing on Twitter results , where as yahoo is also going the same direction. Now google has choosen this way but in a more appropriate way. They say that google is fetching results not only from twitter or Facebook but from the all the social networking sites, blogs, and from the all the pages which has high rates of changing.

Google will be developing 12 new technologies for improving real-time search which requires monitoring more than 1 billion fast-changing pages.

Here is how it goes, when user searches for a result there will be a section called latest results which talks about the real-time search results. This will open up a section right on the search results page with relavent items scrolling in as they become available.

This real time search option is also available for iphones and andriod devices.

With Real time search google is providing another option called Hot topics which gives the hottest topics at any given time.


SUNS focusing on JAVA EE6

SUN the software giant finally opens up to the world after being silent for a while and awaiting for the merger with ORACLE. JAVA EE6 is the big thing from SUN this season which has got an approval from the java community process last week.

Sun executives will provide in-depth details about the new release of Java EE6, Sun GlassFish Enterprise server and Netbeans 6.8.They also speak about the impact of the new releases on the java community.

Java EE6 features capabilities such as Web profile for web developers. Accomodation for dynamic languages and REST(representational state transfer) are in the specification as well.

And Netbeans 6.8 IDE is going to come soon , a release candidate is available already.This 6.8 version supports java EE6 with improved support for the javaserver Faces 2.0 specification and Facelets. It also supports php5.3 support and accomodates for the Maven build manager for java projects.


Chrome Heats up Google-Microsoft rivalry

Google-Microsoft rivalry heated up more now by the announcement of chrome from google.Chrome is expected to be released to the Open source community and if this new linux based OS catches on quickly after it will available in next year, Google can easily convice the corporate users that its hosted google apps offering is better alternative to Microsoft's Office suite.

Microsoft has something to look on, as in a conference held in Mid of November google reveiled that the new OS cant fully replace Windows. This OS runs web-hosted apps and only supports peripherals that comply with specific Hardware desings.They say there are some applications todays that aren't available on the web. And this is systems which doesnt support for some applications like if you are a lawyer planning to spend your whole day editing contracts back and forth this isn't the right machine.

"This really is a fight to the death for Google and Microsoft" said an analyst ar Instat."It is a fight between business models for software, applications, advertising and the internet".

Chrome users needs to be Ok with the cloud computing and its basic premise of keeping their data and applications in third party data centers.This new OS is more focused towards the WEb utilising which is Google's mainstream business. When asked about is the new OS supports typical desktop apps like photoshop fullfledged, they say this is not for that and "that war was fought and Long ago almost".

Chrome is focused on revitilising the netbook market which is going down gradually as the conventional laptops are becoming cheaper these days.

Well Chrome unveling came into picture less than an six months by the announcement of BING by Microsoft.In the war of Microsoft and Google analysts say they dont see a potential winned or a looser but we may see many technology variations.


Google Introduces New language "Go"

Friday, November 13, 2009

Google introduces a new programming language, known as Go, that is aimed at being fast, productive and fun for developers to use.

Go combines the development speed of working in a dynamic language like Python with the performance and safety of a compiled language like C or C++. Typical builds feel instantaneous; even large binaries compile in just a few seconds. And the compiled code runs close to the speed of C. Go lets you move fast.

Go is a great language for systems programming with support for multi-processing, a fresh and lightweight take on object-oriented design, plus some cool features like true closures and reflection.

Moreover, in a blog post by the Google Go team, they say "In our experiments with Go to date, typical builds feel instantaneous; even large binaries compile in just a few seconds. And the compiled code runs close to the speed of C. Go is designed to let you move fast.""In our experiments with Go to date, typical builds feel instantaneous; even large binaries compile in just a few seconds. And the compiled code runs close to the speed of C. Go is designed to let you move fast."

According to they say

-Among the trends behind the origin of Go are:

-Computers are much quicker but software development is not faster.

-Dependency management is a big part of software development today, but the “header files” of languages in the C tradition are antithetical to clean dependency analysis—and fast compilation.

-There is a growing rebellion against cumbersome type systems like those of Java and C++, pushing people toward dynamically typed languages such as Python and JavaScript.

-Some fundamental concepts such as garbage collection and parallel computation are not well-supported by popular systems languages.

-The emergence of multicore computers has generated worry and confusion.

For more information on Google go

Check out the below links

Google goFaq's on Google GoBlog on Google Go


Microsoft readies Multipoint for 2010

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Microsoft is planning to increase its franchise business in 2010. It is planning to line up its Multipoint interface in 2010 with a new MultiPoint Server 2010 product.Windows MultiPoint — a product developed largely by Microsoft in India and which Microsoft officially unveiled in 2006 — enabled multiple users to access a single host computer. The product was geared toward students and teachers, especially those in developing countries.

Well Microsoft is renaming Multipoint ot Multipoint mouse SDK. And in the midhalf of 2010 Microsof t is introducing the Multipoint server 2010 by which mutiple users can each run different applications from their own work stations. The new server product is being developed in Microsoft Corporate Vice President Amit Mital’s organization, the Startup Business Group, which was formed when the former Startup Business Accelerator and Unlimited Potential Group teams were merged under Mital.

MultiPoint Server maps a USB 2.0 keyboard, mouse, and headset to a monitor to create a student station. Each station gets an individual Windows desktop. The teacher management interface is called the MultiPoint Manager and allows the management of desktops, student accounts, and student sessions, plus provides teachers with a way to distribute content to students’ desktops.

Click here for more info about Multipoint


The New Intel Reader

Intel has come up with innovational gadget that is worthfull for the people who are visually challenged or reading-related disabilities. Earlier Amazon Kindle was a gadget which stormed into the market as a best Ebook reader. But now Intel has taken this to new level.

The New intel reader has an digital camera combined with an Intel Atom processor, the Intel Reader allows users to photograph printed text and then listen to the words read aloud by a computer-generated voice.

This has been developed by Intel’s Digital Health Group (the original concept came from an Intel researcher with dyslexia), the new reader costs a steep $1,500.

Intel on its website says that, Intel Corporation has announced the Intel® Reader, a mobile handheld device designed to increase independence for people who have trouble reading standard print. The Intel Reader can assist the estimated 55 million people in the U.S. who have dyslexia or other specific learning disabilities, or have vision problems such as low-vision or blindness, which makes reading printed words difficult or impossible. The Intel Reader, about the size of a paperback book, converts printed text to digital text, and then reads it aloud to the user. Its unique design combines a high-resolution camera with the power of an Intel® Atom™ processor, allowing users to point, shoot and listen to printed text.

Check out the Demo Here


Google Latitude can be your alibi

Google helps you get out of the situation when you feel that you are wrongly accussed. Yes now Google can be your alibi if you turn on the new feature by google which can retrace your Foot prints.

Google is bringing a significant update to the free Latitude application, a location-awareness app available for many mobile devices. The update will allow people to track everywhere they've been, and how long they stayed in each location. Coupled with Google Maps or Google Earth integration, it even lets people "replay" a trip they took.

This is interesting feature by Google Latitudes that now you can replay your life.In addition to this new feature, Latitude now lets you do a couple more things that you may or may not find useful:

1) You can have Google Latitude automatically update your Google Talk “status” to reveal your current city-level location.

2) Be alerted if you and any of your friends get close to each other by accident. This feature will only be triggered if:

You or your friend are at an unusual place, filtering out routine alert cases at home or work.
You or your friend are at a routine place but at an unusual time.
3) You can now publish your location using a latitude “badge” on your website. You can restrict this to city-level if you’re worried about everyone knowing your exact location.


Google trimmed down storage price for PICASA

Google has annouced a great news for users who use onling Database PICASA for storing the images. It has declined the prices for using PICASA.The Picasa users can now obtain 20GB of online storage capacity $5 a year.

Despite the fact that 20GB will be adequate for most users, the photo fanatics would be capable of expanding to further plans assorting up to incredible 16TB, enough for 8 million full resolution photos.

"Since most people have less than 10GB of photos, chances are you can now save all your memories online for a year for the cost of a triple mocha", said Google.

Read more... by Young Entrepreneurs of Hyderabad this is a new e-commerce website launched by Hyderabad based company named Antilia Web Services Private Limited. This Company is another Hyderabad based start-up company from bunch of enthusiastic blokes with a mission to Provide Services using Web Technologies.Shopiyo deals with variety of products ranging from chocolates to Jewellery. when i browsed this site for buying some books i found it has got very good collection.Though it is a very new site it has got a collection of books over 1300.Books are of various categories like Anthologies,Biography ,Business ,Children's Books ,Cinema ,City Biographies etc.

Another interesting thing about this site is chocolates. I found variety of Chocolates like Butter scotch plain ,Rum-'n'-nuts etc i say better you visit this site once and let me know.People who are fond of chocolates must visit this peotal. They have a variety of collection.And coming to Electronics they deal with laptops,Desktops,Accessories,Mobiles,Cameras,Camcorders,Storage Devices,Music Players.They deal some of the popular brands like Apple,Sony,Cannon etc.
The best thing i have in this site is Flowers and Cakes. The designs which they offer for cakes are pretty good and very unique.And they also deal with delivery of sweets of very good quality and i never seen with many e-commerce sites providing this facility.And the most is jewellery which is offered from this site. The company from Pearl city and is providing various designs in jewellery specialised in pearls and Silver.

For the past two years, India is a nation where usage of e-commerce has increased to lot extent.

When i had a chat with the Director of Antillia Mr.Bhanu Chandar, he says that they believe in e-commerce as the internet is current media for the people and if you have a look for the past two years, India is a nation where usage of e-commerce has increased to lot extent. E-Commerce makes it easy for the people to shop for some things which they need not spend hours of time roaming around the streets.

The speciality of this site is they deliver Cakes,Flowers and sweets with in 4hrs. That's cool .Coming to this Portal they say that is the first venture from Antilia Web Services Private Limited to bring world class shopping services to consumers. It is an Internet shopping site with a difference, is a trail blazing internet shopping site bringing customers choice, convenience and the best value for money.


What is iPhone????

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

iPhone is the term which is mostly used in the gadget industry these days.Well i just wanted to go indepth why iphone was a big thing in this industry and may be it should have been much earlier that i should have given this article but still waited for the updates and usage of this gadget by the people and something which is being used for an year may have lot of feedbacks.So, For the past year and a half the gadget industry is been changed a lot. The Gadgets like iphone has changed the trend. Every individual wanted to have a look at iphone the moment it was announced to release. Well i wanted to have a clear picture like what exactly is iphone . How much it did impact on the market. According to me well it has changed lot of things.

Apple announced the iPhone on January 9, 2007,[19] after months of rumors and speculation.[20] The original iPhone was introduced in the United States on June 29, 2007 before being marketed worldwide. The development of this gadget has begun with Steve jobs and his apple engineers. The speciality is like it has the features of smart phone and multimedia and also touch screen. It has taken the touchscreen functionality to the next level.

The most interesting feature of this is touchscreen ability which was of 9 cm (3.5 in) liquid crystal display (320×480 px at 6.3 px/mm, 160 ppi, HVGA) with scratch-resistant glass,[39] and uses 18-bit colour (can render 262,144 colours).This has used the concept of Capacitive sensing as a human interface device (HID) technology. This phone has got 3 different types of sensors which makes this phone more special. People might think why not the touchscreen gets activated when some one is taking a call and phone comes near to the face logically it has to activate but this phone got some thing called PROXIMITY sensor which deactivates the touchscreen funtionality in these situations.Proximity sensor uses the concept of distance based activation.

An ambient light sensor adjusts the display brightness which in turn saves battery power. A 3-axis accelerometer senses the orientation of the phone and changes the screen accordingly, allowing the user to easily switch between portrait and landscape mode.[45] iPhone of first generation which was updated in jan 2008 has got wifi and Cell tower tracking capabilities. Now Iphone comes in 3G and 3GS with AGPS features.

Now i am going say about one diffect in iphone is the moist sensor which is embedded in the device such that it is easily exposed to the environment. Now the defect is like the sensor can be affected even from the moisture outside and from the sweat of the owner or in other way. The affected sensor says that the device is affected by water and doesn't come under warrenty.

Coming to the software which runs this device is iphone OS which.It is based on a variant of the same Darwin operating system core that is found in Mac OS X. Also included is the "Core Animation" software component from Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. Together with the PowerVR hardware (and on the iPhone 3GS, OpenGL ES 2.0),[3] it is responsible for the interface's motion graphics.

Interface is the best thing which i like in iPhone. It is so elegant or beautiful to visualise which makes this device look vey high end gadget.For example, zooming in and out of web pages and photos is done by placing two fingers on the screen and spreading them farther apart or bringing them closer together, a gesture known as "pinching". You can access home page even when you are on a call or while listening to music. While in iphone there is not much multitasking.iPhone applications normally run one at a time..Coming to music it is much similar to ipod .

Even though iphone has got many features like internet access, multimedia or simply all the features of a smartphone there are some disadvantages with iphone.
First thing is like the only way to give an input is touchscreen many times you discomfort in using this touch screen specially in an emergency situations you want to type a message very fast , then you might face the problems using touch pad. And you cannot use MP3 files as ringtones and you cant exchange mp3 files using bluetooth.

Apple say Users can create custom ringtones from songs purchased from the iTunes Store for a small additional fee. The ringtones can be 3 to 30 seconds long from any part of a song, can fade in and out, pause from half a second to five seconds when looped, or loop continuously. All customizing can be done in iTunes,[98] or alternatively with Apple's GarageBand software 4.1.1 or later. Man this sounds crazy for me imagine a mobile which costs hardly 3000 Rs has feature of playing any mp3 file as a ringtone why not this high end costly mobile. This might be one of the reason why it is not being penetrated into the crowds of indian market.
And if any third party software you need to buy it from itunes man again this sucks . Coming to usage the device is so delecate that even a small scratch is easily visible makes the mobile look bad. Coming to Camera , now in the indian market harldy around 14000 to 18000 Rs you can get 5MP to 12MP mobiles but with iphone you get only 2MP and 3.5MP. What i say is look n feel matters only for few days but imagine a guy having a phone costing around 10,000 Rs and got a 5MP camera , bluetooth, 3G and Wifi which also access all the social networking sites , you will regret on buying this iphone.

* No removable battery. If the battery is broken, you send the phone to Apple instead of they sending you the battery. So no problem. Its definitely a disadvantage for the people who use a phone lot and rely on the extra battery.
Iphone has also got the problems with the network access. It totally doesnt support enterprise features which it says.

For me iphone is the best gadget i ever come accross in the matter of look n feel or usage of technology in its operations. But on daily usage i wont choose this phone as for each n every thing i need an internet access for accessing itunes, which we are not accustommed to. Somebody who is looking for a gadget which gives a look of very high end mobile they can go for this. Because the coming to multimedia features or smartphone features many other phones have got them.For me iphone is the best gadget i ever come accross in the matter of look n feel or usage of technology in its operations. But on daily usage i wont choose this phone as for each n every thing i need an internet access for accessing itunes, which we are not accustommed to. Somebody who is looking for a gadget which gives a look of very high end mobile they can go for this. Because the coming to multimedia features or smartphone features many other phones have got them. I say this is not for Indian use.


Pictures Inside a Microsoft data center

Friday, November 6, 2009

Microsoft has reveiled its pictures of their Data center which is located at chicago.These are the pics which i got from cnet news. In its first phase, the ground floor of the facility is designed to hold up to 56 containers, each filled with anywhere from 1,800 to 2,500 servers.

Here are the visuals

The second floor of the Chicago Data Center is home to a more traditional server room consisting of racks of servers with cool air coming up from a raised floor.

Building the data center required 2,400 tons of copper, 3,400 tons of steel, 26,000 cubic yards of concrete, and 190 miles of conduit.

Keeping everything cool is made possible with 7.5 miles of chilled water piping.

Although the data center is massive, it is managed with a staff of 30 to 45, including custodial and security workers. Building the facility, however, generated roughly 3,000 construction-related jobs, with the peak workforce reaching around 1,100 workers.

Even with all its power saving techniques, the first phase of the data center can scale to 30 megawatts of critical power.

Containers will eventually house two-thirds of the servers in the data center,

Over time, Microsoft expects to invest $500 million in the Chicago facility, just one of several existing or planned data centers.

"The hum, the background beat that you feel, it's really the heartbeat of the Internet," said Kevin Timmons, general manager of data center operations for Microsoft.

An exterior view of the Chicago Data Center. Because Microsoft isn't looking to attract attention, there's no identification outside. Even on the inside it's hard to tell whose facility it is, unless you look closely at a couple art pieces that note they are from Microsoft's art collection.


Dell Unveils Super-Thin Adamo XPS Laptop

Dell has introduced the advanced version of ADAMO which is too thin compared to the earlier one. Design was a key concern when Dell created the Adamo XPS, which is being called "stunning" and "elegant." Dell packed the Adamo XPS with high-speed Wi-Fi. With the Adamo XPS, Dell's goal is to carve out a niche in a struggling consumer market.

It seems that Dell is aiming to appeal the constumers who are trend consious and gives importance to the look and feel of the gadgets they want to buy. This new Adamo XPS is Measuring 13.4 x 10.7 inches and tipping the scales at just over three pounds, the new machine is just four-tenths of an inch in thickness, yet packs a host of high-tech goodies.

"I think when you see Adamo for the first time, it's just a stunning, elegant, minimalist form," said Dell Senior Vice President Alex Gruzen. "We think the Adamo XPS will inspire an emotional connection with anyone who sees it."

when coming to performance it is stunning same as the visual appeal which it has. It comes with .4GHz Intel Core Duo processor, 13.4-inch high-definition display and 4GB of DDR3 memory. What's more, the machine's 128GB solid-state drive runs cooler than traditional hard drives and also boots up faster.

Coming to Wi-fi it offers both high-speed Wi-Fi (802.11n) and Bluetooth, together with the requisite location-awareness technology for delivering local maps that show users where they actually are in real time. The interesting part of this is Once opened, the body of the Adamo XPS automatically elevates so that the keyboard becomes angled to enhance cooling .


Visual Studio 2010 in March 2010

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Microsoft lovers and .Net developers have a great news last october. Microsoft has annouced that it is ready to release the second beta version of VS 2010 and .net framework 4.0 on March 22 2010.

Microsoft products has the new features like Tivo-like recording feature that Microsoft has now dubbed "IntelliTrace." which actually deals with recording the things which were used on the tool earlier. I mean to say Microsoft plans to include the ability to record the full screens of what testers are seeing, as well as data about their machine. When a test application crashes, the technology will enable developers to see the bug as it occurred.

Microsoft has reached the home stretch for Visual Studio 2010," said Dave Mendlen, a senior director in Microsoft's developer division. "This is probably the biggest release we've had in many years."

Microsoft Developer Division Director Dave Mendlen said the feature is designed to avoid the all-too-frequent conflict that occurs when a software tester finds a bug that the developer says it can't reproduce. Internally, the feature has been called "TiVo for debuggers."

They are also talking about the new modeling tools which makes the programmers who are new to the team can easily understand how the earlier versions of the software worked. One of the other goals is to add more business intelligence tools--things like dashboards and cockpits--that enable the project managers to assess whether a development project is on track. "The guys that are paying the bills often get very little info," Mendlen said.

Also in default vs 2010 release includes the support for Winodws 7 and Azure. So guys lets wait and watch for the big release.


Infosys to open 22 BPO centers in AP

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Infosys BPO Limited, a subsidiary of IT major Infosys, signed an agreement with the Andhra Pradesh government to set up rural BPO centres in 22 districts of the state. Well i think this is good step taken by Mr.K Rosaiah.Infosys BPO Limited CEO and Managing Director Amitabh Chaudhry and State Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty CEO T Vijaya Kumar signed an MoU in this regard in the presence of Chief Minister K Rosaiah.

"The first such BPO centre will be set up in the next six weeks which will provide a testing ground for this model. The capital expenditure and other details will be worked out subsequently," Chaudhry said adding that all the 22 districts would have one BPO each.

"Over 1,000 people would get direct employment through the rural BPO centers in the next 12-15 months. Statistics suggest that direct employment generates 1.4 times indirect employment as well," he added.

Noting that Andhra Pradesh would be the first state where Infosys would be setting such facilities, Chaudhary said, "We are in talks with some other states as well for similar ventures but I can't disclose the names at this stage".


HCL Tech to hike salaries

HCL an IT services provider has announced , it will increase the salaries of their employees by 0-10 percent from October 1 well great news for HCL employees.At the end of September 30, HCL Tech's total employee strength stood at 54,443. The company added 665 professionals in the IT services segment during the period.

"We have decided to increase the wages of the employees effective from October 1, 2009 by 0-10 per cent and this will result in our gross margin dropping by 130 basis points for the next two quarters," HCL Tech CEO Vineet Nayar said after announcing the first quarter results.
"Acquisition is a part of our growth strategy. You will see acquisitions hopefully in BPO, enterprise application space, engineering and cloud computing side," Nayar said.

And the interesting part is HCL is looking for acquisitions to 'fill in the gap' in its service areas.

"We have successfully managed five acquisitions in the last 3-4 quarters. Our margins are back to its original level of 19 per cent," he said, adding there is no fixed price tag for the acquisition.


Google launches music search

Google inc has now decided to mark its foot print on the music industry. People do search lots of music on internet , the plan is good by google. It has decided to tie a partnership with webservices LALA and My Space's iLike to give mucisc fans an easiest way to find the music. The global Web search leader will provide users who want to sample a song with a pop-up box that will play at least a 30-second segment -- in some cases the entire song -- provided by iLike and Lala, which will then offer links to purchase the music.

Google has also teamed up with Pandora, iMeem and Rhapsody to incorporate links to those music sites, to help consumers discover music related to search queries. Well this feature on google will be rolled out on Wednesday for the people of united states.This is a very good move by google to strengthen its search engine strategies in the market.Investors hope that streaming songs or video clips online will help stem the fan-base losses.

"Everybody's been very supportive. Indeed, our business model is to improve the search experience with the help of streaming partners, which offer interesting business models of their own," said R.J. Pittman, director of product management for Google.

The social network Facebook last week also expanded its musical offerings through a deal to integrate Lala into its gift store. Google's own Youtube video site -- already a major discovery avenue for music -- is separately partnering with Vivendi's Universal Music Group and Sony Music to create Vevo, a music video service expected to launch December.

Well this is a good time for LALA as it has two major tie ups in the past few days or weeks. Lala is a site which allows users to search songs in its collection of nearly 8.5 million tunes once for free and then charges for further downloads ,sells unlimited streams for 10 cents per track and MP3 files, starting at 89 cents.

Lala founder Bill Nguyen said he expects the new alliances to significantly expand its business.


Websites Ten years ago

Monday, October 5, 2009

Internet is the current medium for communication, business , education, etc. Internet is the market now. Can you imagine how was internet way back something like 10 years ago, it was lot different when compared to now. I was just browsing an found an interesting article on Hongkiat which says about look and feel of the websites comparing them with present look and 10 years back look. Have a look at some of the Websites given below

Amazon 1998

Amazon 2008

Apple 1998

Apple 2008

Google 1998

Google 2008

Hotmail 1998

Hotmail 2008

Microsoft 1998

Microsoft 2008

Sun 1998

Sun 2008

Yahoo 1998

Yahoo 2008


Dell To acquire Perot Systems For $3.9 Billion

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dell is aiming to strengthen their IT services, this time it is doing so by acquiring a global provider of IT services and business solutions Perot Systems in a transaction valued at approximately $3.9 billion.
Under the terms of the agreement, Dell will commence a tender offer to acquire all of the outstanding Class A common stock of Perot Systems for $30 per share in cash. With this acquisition.

After the acquisition , Perot systems will become Dell services unit and led by peter altabef, the current CEO of Perot systems. At the same time, Dell directors are expected to consider Ross Perot Jr., Perot Systems' chairman of the board, for appointment to the Dell board. Based on current estimates, the transaction is expected to be accretive to Dell's GAAP earnings in its fiscal 2012

Michael Dell said, "We consider Perot Systems to be a premium asset with great people that enhances our opportunities for immediate and long-term growth. "

Michel Dell said This significantly expands Dell's enterprise-solutions capabilities and makes Perot Systems' strengths available to even more customers around the world. There will be efficiencies from combining the companies, but the acquisition makes such great sense because of the obvious ways our businesses complement each other.

"This transaction represents a great opportunity for our company and our associates. Today's announcement is the next step in formalising a relationship that has flourished for some time. When my father founded Perot Systems he envisioned a global information-technology leader. The new, larger Dell builds on that promise and its own successes by taking Perot Systems' expertise to more customers than ever," added Ross Perot Jr., chairman, board, Perot Systems.


Google sued by

Google the online search engine Leader has faced a law suit by an Indian Company Consim info. This time the case has been filed against the ads displayed on google search. Consim info. which owns has filed a case before the Madras High Court alleging that Google has infringed on its trademark by displaying ads directing to its competitors.

They say that when a user types the results were displayed inlcuding the ads which shows about its direct competetors like, by which the other sites are getting benifited when user wants direct information about Bharatmatrimony. Even this site gets benifited in the same way but what they say is this gonna directly effect their business.They say that Google was not doing the right thing by allowing advertisers to bid for Consim trademarks through its advertising platform, Google AdWords.


IBM Acquires RedPill Solutions to Boost Analytics Services

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IBM announced an agreement to acquire the business of RedPill Solutions, a privately-held company headquartered in Singapore.RedPill provides advanced customer analytics services to businesses in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, technology and hospitality.

Analytics play an important role in enhancing companies work to improve in speed and quality, same is with redpill, Redpill's data models and expertise, developed through the successful execution of multiple analytics project.Analytics services are also an integral part of IBMs Smarter Planet strategy, which helps companies turn information into a strategic asset, make smarter business decisions and better understand the outcomes of those decisions. The transaction further enhances IBMs consumer marketing and risk management capabilities in the previously mentioned industries.


Mid-size IT companies to ring in pay hikes

Thursday, September 17, 2009

After software giant Wipro lifted freeze on promotions and hikes, although selectively, mid-sized technology firms like MphasiS-EDS, Sonata software and Symphony Services are also planning to increase salaries and give bonus.

IT services firm MphasiS, which recently bagged new outsourcing contracts, has announced a recompense bonus for its staff which the company feels is possibly an innovative compensation model. “For good performers, the bonus can be 15-25% higher than the average pay hike,” MphasiS chief human resources officer Elango R said.

Read more


Google FastFlip.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google Labs new experiment Fast Flip is online now. Fast Flip concept is pretty interesting which gathers the information accross the Globe and puts infront of you. Google Fast Flip, accessible at Flip concentrated on collecting the articles such as recent news, headlines, popular aarticles from major websites and top publishers. As the name suggests, flipping through content is very fast, so you can quickly look through a lot of pages until you find something interesting.

Now what does google get from doing this. Pretty simple , Google has parterned with three dozens of top publishers , these partners will share the revenue earned from the contextual ads. This gives the publishers an opurtunity to introduce new readers to their content.Google also made a mobile version of Fast Flip with tactile page flipping for Android-powered devices and the iPhone, so you can browse on the go. This is accessible at the same address.

In the markets there are already some sites which provide feeds which collect data from multiple sites and publish on your site. This is almost similar to that concept. Advantage of this site is user can news from various sites at one glance. User cannot expect any specific related information which he needs all i say is it is just like an online news paper which has varios posts from the parterned sites.

Well the good thing about this site is, it got three sections stating popular, Sections,Topics and Sources which are further categorised respectively. When you click on an image of post it redirects to a page which is shown below. You can navigate through the posts using the arrows shown besides the posts.And also at the left side of the page there is mouse over option which displays the posts.

Things that are not good about this site is first of all this is not like which user wants to come in and just spend time in readers the news which is no way related to him. I suggest they should have gone for the same idea but concentrating on the news which user demands. which makes more sites coming up on this site and graphical interface is way back. Most of it takes the pictures of the webpages and displays on this site, when you click any image this redirects to next page showing the same image in a larger view with some ad's beside and then when clicked the image it redirects to the original web site.



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