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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Google the online search engine Leader has faced a law suit by an Indian Company Consim info. This time the case has been filed against the ads displayed on google search. Consim info. which owns has filed a case before the Madras High Court alleging that Google has infringed on its trademark by displaying ads directing to its competitors.

They say that when a user types the results were displayed inlcuding the ads which shows about its direct competetors like, by which the other sites are getting benifited when user wants direct information about Bharatmatrimony. Even this site gets benifited in the same way but what they say is this gonna directly effect their business.They say that Google was not doing the right thing by allowing advertisers to bid for Consim trademarks through its advertising platform, Google AdWords.

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Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! Yahoo search does the same thing but consim wont dare sue them, thanx to the funding they received by Yahoo in the recent years! check up what I found on yahoo search (the first ad on the right hand side column) Its a bharatmatrimony ad using 'shaadi as a keyword! going by their case, they should sue themselves for this, isnt it? does consim take us for being an oblivious audience?!

Prashanth said...

Consim didn't sue Yahoo bcoz It filed a case against google on
allowing advertisers to bid for Consim trademarks through its advertising platform, Google AdWords which is not in case with yahoo i guess

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