Google's Project 10 to the one Hundredth- Declares $10 Million

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Google has announced a project named "Project 10-to-the-one-hundredth", which is all about gathering the innovative ideas accross the world and then select 5 ideas which can change the world.

I have seen about this project way back in 2008, in a local news paper. There was a small article on this project and then when i checked in internet they had a site Here we can submit our ideas and personal details.

Well the interesting thing is , even i have submitted an idea that is about connecting charities accross the world. But as expected it didnt get selected :) i dont mean they are bad at selection or am bad at my idea. But i say there were great ideas which can really change the world.

Google has annouced the names of the winners and alloted total of $10 million dollors prize money for the winnners.Google whittled the selection down to 16 "big ideas" and the public got to vote online to determine the five that would be backed by the Mountain View, California-based firm.

The non-profit Khan Academy will get two million dollars to bolster its free online library of educational videos and translate core works into the world's most widely spoken languages.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cape Town will get two million dollars to open more centers to promote graduate level math and science study on that continent.

Non-profit group FIRST that promotes science and math study worldwide through team competitions will get three million dollars to start a robotics program for students.
Google will give two million dollars to Public.Resource.Org to support a Law.Gov initiative to make US court documents, statutes, legal forms, and other government documents easily available to anyone online.

The final award of one million dollars went to New Zealand-based startup Shweeb to develop and test a transportation system based on personal monorail pods powered by pedaling the way one might while riding a bicycle.

Well guys i keep you posted about such projects if i come accross in future. Who knows there is billgates among us... :)


Microsoft Windows phone 7 on October 21

Microsoft has annouced the much awaited news "Release of Windows phone 7". Microsoft is ready to launch a wide range of Windows phone 7 devices on October 21. Microsoft is gonna hold many launch events on oct 21 worldwide to launch windows phone 7.

Well they going to showcase their product on Oct 11 in Newyork city. Microsoft devices are going to hit the retails markets of France, Germany, Italy, UK and spain.

This time Microsoft is coming with a bang again i guess after their successful release of IE 9 and Windows 7. They have partnered with London based Radio station to promote this phone and also with twitter and youtube.
.. "This has been one of the most incredible product development efforts I’ve ever been a part of" said Myerson.
I have seen recenlty in a post where Microsoft employees celebrated funeral of iphone and blackberry. They strongly believe this will be one of their best products ever
So all those gadgets freeks and Microsoft lovers, lets wait and watch for the release of this coool Gadget from Microsoft.


Microsoft Announces Windows Azure At OSI Days 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Microsoft the software giant has announced the availability of a new set of developer tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for PHP developers who want to build applications for Windows Azure. This is a very interesting move by Microsoft to look upon where there are two employees from microsoft waged war against opensource, just two days ago.

Well Microsoft which was strongly impacted by opensource market is now forced to stick to opensource policies i guess so. Specially targeting the cloud computing. Microsoft wants the tools and SDKs are targeted at providing developers, especially open source developers, with more choice.

Microsoft was working with opensource communities for the past two years to expand its business. And now Microsoft focuses on next big thing Azure cloud computing services as they believe it would play a vital role in critical businesses, government and organizations.

Microsoft is providing development tools and SDKs which include the Windows Azure Companion Community Technology Preview, the Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse for PHP, the Windows Azure Command Line Tools for PHP and the Windows Azure SDK for PHP version 2.0.

Its pretty good that microsoft is showing its interest towards opensource, coming to cloud computing recently microsoft has stated how it can improve its revenue to 30 % extra from India by using cloud computing. Microsoft business in India is impacted a lot by piracy and nearly it looses 30 % of its profit because of piracy. Microsoft is planning to utilize its cloud services in providing the software to the consumers so there is no scope for piracy. Well its a good move by Microsoft but a bad news for developers at the initial stages who begin their careers.


Android is the Fastest Growing Mobile OS

Friday, September 17, 2010

Andriod OS, is gaining its grip on the market pretty fast. It is giving a tug of war to Apple.The recent release of Apple was iphone 4 which was pretty good hit on its records but still coudlnt stop its market share from going the Andriod way.
Andriod is a big thing in with the gadget freeks now. I have seen many of my friends choosing andriod mobiles. Most of them might not be aware of andriod but they still going for those phones with a minimal knowldege. So why there is a such a big hype for Andriod in the market. I say the main reason is , Andriod is into gadgets from Midrange to Highend gadgets which is available to the people of middle class and Andriod being opensource there are thousands of applications that can be downloaded on to the mobiles.

Now Why not apple is gaining the grip or in other way why Apple is loosing the grip? The simple answer for this is , Apple havent tied with some of the world’s largest mobile carriers, such as Vodafone and Verizon And when it comes to Microsoft, it has got its own sector or consumer sector.

When looking onto percentages, Android gained 5 per cent market share in the period from April to July 2010. RIM lost 1.8 per cent, Microsoft lost 2.2 per cent.RIM and Apple are still the top smartphone manufacturers in the United States with 40 per cent and 24 per cent, respectively. Android is third on the list but has gained momentum from 12 per cent in April to 17 per cent in July. Gartner also came out with its report last week which stated that Android is set to be the number two OS in global market share by the end of 2010. The report also stated that by 2014 Android will will be battling for market share supremacy with Symbian from Nokia.


pocket-sized projector by Lemoptix

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Technology is taking new dimensions day to day. It has change the world to a lot extent for the last decade. The best thing i say is Mobile phone , these gadgets have seen many changes for the last few years and now it can be said as one of most powerful gadget around here.

Now you smartphones, windows mobile, andriods etc etc and imagine a mini projector attached to it which can display the images from your phone on to the wall or any other screen, sounds cool ha ....

This is done by the Engineers at Lausanne, Switzerland-based Lemoptix, a spin-off from EPFL.Smaller than a credit card and with a projection head of just 1cm3 in size, its developers claim that the device can enable documents and videos to be projected onto a wall in the same way as current fixed projectors.
This micro-projector functions using tiny mirrors of less than a millimeter’s thickness. Positioned on a silicon (wafer) disc, they reflect red, blue and green laser beams,” says EPFL research director Maher Kayal.
One important thing they say is , this miniature consume less power than the matrix or LED based technology which is currently in the market.This pocket projector works at a minimum distance of 50cm and enables the projection of images onto a surface equivalent to a 15in screen.

I have seen this sort of technology being used by a techie who came in TED conference earlier. May be this is not the same, but whatever this could be very useful especially in official purpose,Medical institutes or otherwise.

This will be available into the martket in 2011 for industrial applications and then the following year for consumer electronics, according to Nicolas Abelé, technical director of the start-up, which is located in the EPFL Science Park.


Mahindra satyam back into Recruitements

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mahindra satyam is all set to strike back to the industry , i mean to say they are ready to recruit the fresh talent from the educational institutes.
Yeah after a freez on hiring nearly 20 months now Mahindra satyam has declared looking for 3000 fresh graduates. This is first time that Mahindra Satyam, the new brand entity of Satyam, will visit campuses to hire talent after the Satyam Computer scam erupted in January, 2009.

Its good to hear the company which was almost lost the race is again coming back with a strong message saying it has got enough trust from the existing clients and ready to recruit. At present, the attrition rate is going upto 20 to 30 % and if satyam looks for experience candidates with a decent packages, i guess satyam can bag enough talent with it.


Google interprets your communication

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Google has come up with another innovative technology which interprets the communication between two people. yeah this technology interprets the conversation between two people who do not speak the same language.

This software was presented at IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin.Well Mr.Eric says there is a social cause behind the development of this software for example there is so much usage of Internet these days and people may not be aware of what one is posting information on what is going on around them..

And on the side of Google's business way it seems like for using this software you need to install this on Andriod based Mobile phones. The software fetches the translations from a powerful language server run by Google. An assistant to Schmidt demonstrated it, translating a simple dialogue between German and English.


Andriod Tablet PC by Archos

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Andriod is the buzz word in the market. Gadgets are going high using Andriod OS and most of the companies which target mobile sector are adapting to Andriod. Sonyerricson, samsung etc are some of the biggies which are going high with Andriod.
Now the new thing which is adapting to Andriods are tablet pc's.

The latest is from Archos, which has released five differently sized mobile devices at the 2010 IFA consumer electronics fair in Berlin. All five devices run on Android 2.2 and varies from an MP3 player with a 7.1-cm (2.8-inch) display to a 25.7-cm (10.1-inch) Internet tablet. This tablet also uses the capacitive sense touch with 1 GHz processor, WiFi-N technology and a web cam.

The speciality of this tablet is , it provides full featured multimedia experience and even more is it can be connected to television for best multimedia and gaming experience as it has a built-in accelerometer and 3D open GL technology for providing a unique gaming experience. The 4.3 inch and 3.2 inch models come with an inbuilt camcorder.

And guys this is not being released in Indian market and if any one is interested in these tablets may you need to ping your friends in Oversees :)



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