Google's Project 10 to the one Hundredth- Declares $10 Million

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Google has announced a project named "Project 10-to-the-one-hundredth", which is all about gathering the innovative ideas accross the world and then select 5 ideas which can change the world.

I have seen about this project way back in 2008, in a local news paper. There was a small article on this project and then when i checked in internet they had a site Here we can submit our ideas and personal details.

Well the interesting thing is , even i have submitted an idea that is about connecting charities accross the world. But as expected it didnt get selected :) i dont mean they are bad at selection or am bad at my idea. But i say there were great ideas which can really change the world.

Google has annouced the names of the winners and alloted total of $10 million dollors prize money for the winnners.Google whittled the selection down to 16 "big ideas" and the public got to vote online to determine the five that would be backed by the Mountain View, California-based firm.

The non-profit Khan Academy will get two million dollars to bolster its free online library of educational videos and translate core works into the world's most widely spoken languages.

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Cape Town will get two million dollars to open more centers to promote graduate level math and science study on that continent.

Non-profit group FIRST that promotes science and math study worldwide through team competitions will get three million dollars to start a robotics program for students.
Google will give two million dollars to Public.Resource.Org to support a Law.Gov initiative to make US court documents, statutes, legal forms, and other government documents easily available to anyone online.

The final award of one million dollars went to New Zealand-based startup Shweeb to develop and test a transportation system based on personal monorail pods powered by pedaling the way one might while riding a bicycle.

Well guys i keep you posted about such projects if i come accross in future. Who knows there is billgates among us... :)

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