Microsoft Announces Windows Azure At OSI Days 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Microsoft the software giant has announced the availability of a new set of developer tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for PHP developers who want to build applications for Windows Azure. This is a very interesting move by Microsoft to look upon where there are two employees from microsoft waged war against opensource, just two days ago.

Well Microsoft which was strongly impacted by opensource market is now forced to stick to opensource policies i guess so. Specially targeting the cloud computing. Microsoft wants the tools and SDKs are targeted at providing developers, especially open source developers, with more choice.

Microsoft was working with opensource communities for the past two years to expand its business. And now Microsoft focuses on next big thing Azure cloud computing services as they believe it would play a vital role in critical businesses, government and organizations.

Microsoft is providing development tools and SDKs which include the Windows Azure Companion Community Technology Preview, the Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse for PHP, the Windows Azure Command Line Tools for PHP and the Windows Azure SDK for PHP version 2.0.

Its pretty good that microsoft is showing its interest towards opensource, coming to cloud computing recently microsoft has stated how it can improve its revenue to 30 % extra from India by using cloud computing. Microsoft business in India is impacted a lot by piracy and nearly it looses 30 % of its profit because of piracy. Microsoft is planning to utilize its cloud services in providing the software to the consumers so there is no scope for piracy. Well its a good move by Microsoft but a bad news for developers at the initial stages who begin their careers.

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