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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google inc has now decided to mark its foot print on the music industry. People do search lots of music on internet , the plan is good by google. It has decided to tie a partnership with webservices LALA and My Space's iLike to give mucisc fans an easiest way to find the music. The global Web search leader will provide users who want to sample a song with a pop-up box that will play at least a 30-second segment -- in some cases the entire song -- provided by iLike and Lala, which will then offer links to purchase the music.

Google has also teamed up with Pandora, iMeem and Rhapsody to incorporate links to those music sites, to help consumers discover music related to search queries. Well this feature on google will be rolled out on Wednesday for the people of united states.This is a very good move by google to strengthen its search engine strategies in the market.Investors hope that streaming songs or video clips online will help stem the fan-base losses.

"Everybody's been very supportive. Indeed, our business model is to improve the search experience with the help of streaming partners, which offer interesting business models of their own," said R.J. Pittman, director of product management for Google.

The social network Facebook last week also expanded its musical offerings through a deal to integrate Lala into its gift store. Google's own Youtube video site -- already a major discovery avenue for music -- is separately partnering with Vivendi's Universal Music Group and Sony Music to create Vevo, a music video service expected to launch December.

Well this is a good time for LALA as it has two major tie ups in the past few days or weeks. Lala is a site which allows users to search songs in its collection of nearly 8.5 million tunes once for free and then charges for further downloads ,sells unlimited streams for 10 cents per track and MP3 files, starting at 89 cents.

Lala founder Bill Nguyen said he expects the new alliances to significantly expand its business.

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thas a good search.. keep goin..

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