Microsoft-Yahoo! Deal Make life tough to Google

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Microsoft is tightening up the battle (online) for Google. Yes the Software giant and the online giant Yahoo deal is been cleared by the Americal and European Councils yesterday which is a 10 year contract where microsoft Will push Bing as the mainstram search engine and Yahoo concentrated more on luring big advertisers.

The 10-year deal, struck last July, is part of Microsoft's plans to create an online business to rival Google, a field where Microsoft has lost $5 billion since 2006.

Well the performance of Bing was not too bad in the last year but it has some way to go to challenge the rival Google."Microsoft really has room to throw money at this," said Kim Caughey, senior analyst, Fort Pitt Capital Group.."Microsoft really has room to throw money at this "I think it can work. If they can make inroads in specific target areas, they could have something positive to report." Microsoft has claimed a measure of success with its search engine, Bing, racking up 3.3 points of market share since its June 2009 launch. But Bing has some way to go before it can even seriously think of challenging Google.

Battle between Microsoft and Google is not only limiting to online business but it has got into Operating systems and mobile phones. As discussed earlier its very hard to say who wins the battle and the fact is no one made an major impact on their either's core market.

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