3-D conferencing by DVE

Monday, March 1, 2010

3-D is the next big thing in the tele industry. Earlier there was a post which i was talking about 3-D home theaters and 3-D telivisions. Now when an ordinary person gets an option to watch 3D movies sitting back at home then why not coporates get a chance to use this technology.

DVE- Digital Video Enterprises – have launched what they call “the ultimate telepresence experience – the groundbreaking DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM. . This was shown for the first time at Telepresence World 2007 in San Diego last week.

The primary purpose of this is to host video conferences 3D mode which can be very effective for the corporate meetings , especially in Onsite-Offshore meetings where one can feel real experience of 3D.

Jeff Machtig, co-founder of DVE, said “We developed the DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM to meet the growing demand for ultra-realistic conferencing". “We developed the DVE Tele-Immersion RoomTM to meet the growing demand for ultra-realistic conferencing".

Now i feel this can turn around the telivision industry moving from 2D to 3D. And also

Tele-Immersion Room raises the expectations of what telepresence is and can be. The “room” represents the ultimate in telepresence, with conference participants appearing to actually enter into a meeting room environment alongside their distant colleagues.

Now this technology can also be used in Medical and engineering streams.They say that The Immersion room can also serve as an impressive presentational room where memorable 3-D messages can be presented live or taped for training or sales presentations to clients.

Well coming to make of this device , DVE has formed a strategic alliance with Christie Digital Systems to assist in the integration of Christie’s Mirage HD 3D projectors. The recently announced Mirage HD is based on 1080p DLP technology and delivers a true 120 frames per second image for stunning, high definition flicker-free active stereo.The key feature of this system is that it comes with embedded cameras hidden behind images that makes true eye contact possible.

Well this would be really helpful for the corporates, so i feel only corporated can afford the price of this device. Yeah it cost around $895,000. Its a huge price ha :)

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