Google acquires Picnik

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Google inc. acquiring strategy is going well. As Google CEO said earlier they are in a plan of acquiring a small size companies one for every month and bigger one's in one or two numbers per an year. This time Google eyed on Picnik an online photo editing portal. With this acquisitions the count reaches 3 in three weeks.

Google didnt reveil any financial terms on this acquisition. Picnik is a seattle based start-up which has an headcount of 20 employees.

And after this acquisition, picnik employee will turn up to Google's office and start working with picasa team. Now that's a fair deal to the employees too.

Google Chief Financial Officer Patrick Pichette, speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference conference on Monday, said that Google was beefing up its ranks as business conditions improve.

"The bottleneck for us right now is engineering. How many engineers can we find given that we have all these great opportunities?" Pichette said.

Picnik allows users to edit online photos from directly within a Web browser, eliminating the need for special, stand-alone editing software.

Now i started thinking like there are growing number of entreprenuers in India , and i see most of the entreprenuers are turning towards Web based startups and why not Google or any other foreign companies look on to Indian start-ups.

Is that Indian start-ups are not so innovative or they are not going into main stream business of Web. Yes i have seen most of them shifting them selves to E-business or Social networking concepts but i stronlgy feel , the startups should look on international market or should look on for a product which can really penetrate international market.

Recently there was a company named Notion ink which created an Ipad which goes on head to head with Apple. Well i feel this is how we can really create an image in the international market.

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