Transformers in Real with SuperBot's

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers the name looks familier with a Hollywood Movie title. Now Nasa is a process of building Transformers in real. Sounds crazy ha....These Transformers are called Superbots. These are most powerfull Robots to date.

Being designed after a SWATbot, Superbot has all of the abilities of a regular SWATbot (laser gun, tranquilizer gun, etc...), but also has the ability to manifest many different weapons and items (often favoring a leash and collar, used to capture Mobians), much like Grounder's weapon-manifestation abilities. He also has super strength, is quite fast (but not as fast as Sonic) and can fly using jets. He somewhat resembles a gold-painted SWAtbot but can physically express emotions (much like Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts).

NASA wanted a robot that could start as 100 blocky modules dropped from an airplane to a desert, reconfigure into a rover that could drive to a sand dune, and then change again to "grow" legs and climb up it. Once the blocky robot reached the top, it would transform into a greenhouse that could protect a group of seeds for two weeks.

Only 20 of the modules were built during an ambitious project more than two years ago. But together, they are known as Superbot.

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