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Friday, May 29, 2009

Microsoft Corp. the worlds largest software giant which is lacking the grip on the internet world was trying hard to launch their products on internet which may equally compete or dominate the internet world. Microsoft was talking about "KUMO" few months earlier. Now reports say that Microsoft is releasing the full functionality into the market in few days naming it as "BING".

Advertising Age reported earlier this week that Microsoft was planning a $80 million (50 million pounds) to $100 million ad campaign to promote Bing. Microsoft declined to comment on the report.

The new name, Bing, is short, universal and can be "verbed-up," said Ballmer, a clear reference to the fact that 'to Google' has become the generic verb for searching the Internet for information.

Well Microsoft Bing really needs to come up with features that may attract the people as google and yahoo have already added some new features to their search engines. Microsoft says their search engine is very unique when compared to other search engines. They say it is Decision based search engine.Microsoft is calling its new product a "decision engine," promising to make things like buying a digital camera, booking a flight or searching for a restaurant easier by serving up results based on similar previous searches.

A search on a make of car, for example, will bring up clickable categories on the left-hand sidebar, such as 'problems,' 'reviews' and 'dealers,' which Microsoft has calculated are the most likely places a Web user will want to go from the initial search. is the website to their new search engine . All we need to do is wait and watch.

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