Inventor unveils new search engine

Monday, May 11, 2009

Web 3.0 the Era has begun, Microsoft is working on the Kumo search engine, Gazelle browser and these are things which understand the data rather than treating them as 1's and 0's , may be we can call as we are steping towards artificial intelligence. Google might soon face trouble in coming years if they dont change their strategy of searching the data on the internet.
As i was talking about the search engines which understands the data and does the search, Stephen Wolfram, whose Mathematica program is widely used throughout the science world, gave the details of his new computational search engine, named Wolfram Alpha, in an online presentation. The company says the technology will go public on May 18.

Unlike Google, which automatically indexes billions of web pages to answer users' search queries, Wolfram Alpha uses sophisticated algorithms to attempt to understand user questions, and then uses the resources stored in its expert-curated database to offer up answers and relevant information.

"We are just at the beginning," said Wolfram, 49. "I think we've got a reasonable start on 90 per cent of the shelves in a typical reference library."

"The idea is to try and bring expert-level knowledge to everyone," said Wolfram.

The result is very different from Google, which primarily points users in the direction of web pages. Wolfram Alpha, in contrast, displays information that it calculates by itself and shows in useful formats, offering numerous options for users to dig deeper into the subject.

It can answer questions like how high is Mt Everest, what is the fish production in Italy, and what was the weather in London on the day John F. Kennedy was killed. But because it relies on verified data in its system rather than an ad hoc search of the internet, there are big gaps in its knowledge, especially in pop culture and information that frequently changes, such as film showings.

Well this might be the first step towards huge revolution.....lets wait and watch!!!!!!!

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