Injections Now Seem Pointless

Friday, May 29, 2009

Nanotechnology scientists say this is the future technology and i feel its true. Look the technology is shaping in such a way the gadgets or any devices related to technology are getting smaller and smaller in size. Now nanotechnology has a very big role to play in medicine's technology.

"Nanotechnology is medicine's next transforming technology," says Gray, who oversees 360 scientists and engineers.

Good news for the people who are really afraid of vaccines or children who really cry for vaccination. News is Nanotechnology has given a new form of syrenges which are as thin as hair thickness and they say that it is thinner than that. By using these syrenges humans can feel no pain at all. The advantage of these injections are they can penetrate in smaller and smaller veins of the human body. It will still pierce the skin. The centimetre-square silicon device has thousands of ultra-sharp microscopic spikes coated with dried vaccine. When applied lightly, it would cause no pain because it penetrates less than a hair's thickness below the surface

The tiny spikes deliver vaccine close to where immune cells, known as dendritic cells, are found. Hypodermic injections, on the other hand, inject most of the vaccine too deep to activate these disease-fighters, making the vaccine less effective.

These injections are called nanopatch.

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