Symantec to launch Google apps rival?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Symantec is coming out with an Online workspace service called goEvrywhere which is said to be an Google Docs Killer.
The service centres on a goEverywhere desktop, similar in function to a Windows desktop but hosted via the internet in the goEverywhere data centre, rather than locally on a PC. Symantec refers to it as a “webtop”.
The goEverywhere service keeps a copy of each hosted desktop in a central location Symantec calls the “backend”.
GoEverywhere’s advanced workspace and Tag based navigation technology provides a familiar, simple and responsive workspace for your online computing needs.
After a user logs in goEverywhere runs his desktop in a browser rather than on a local computer. Therefore they only need a running browser to use their desktop from any type of computer from anywhere.
They will also have access to lots of free applications and services on the internet that can be configured into OpenPlace or SafePlace workspaces. The service reportedly is being underpinned by more than 100 popular web-based email applications and will offer free instant messaging, word processing and spreadsheets.
You can more information from the below link:

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Josh at GoEverywhere said...

Thanks for highlighting GoEverywhere, we're very proud of what we're making here. I'd like to note that it's not a Google apps rival. Part of GoEverywhere is that we have the ability to hook into Google Apps and aggregate the storage and files in one location along with Zoho, and more to come. We've made a ton of upgrades and added more SaaS apps to our line up and we'd love to have you take a look and give us some feedback.

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