Hewlett-Packard's common systems management operations to control both physical and virtual servers.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Now Hewlett-Packard has intorduced an easy way establish common systems management operations to control both physical and virtual servers.
For the product annoucements planned for its infrastructure portofolio, HP has made few enhancements to Insight Dynamics like VSE(Virtual Server Environment) include options for Insight Orchestration.
Well VSE is advanced infrastructure management software that allows you to analyze and optimize your adaptive infrastructure to manage physical and virtual resources in the same way.The company’s Insight Orchestration line lets an IT administrator design a template of a virtual server and impose that template with the push of a button on as many blades or other servers that are needed.
Administrators can design a catalogue of standard infrastructure templates and then quickly provision them from designated pool of HP BladeSystem and virtualised ProLiant servers, the company said.
Insight Orchestration is an extension to HP Insight Dynamics - VSE and Insight Manager which gives SysAdmins access to the configurations of physical servers and the performance and capacity of virtual machine hosts in enterprise resource pools. So when infrastructure is requested, Insight Orchestration will find the best matches for physical servers from available blades within the selected resource pool.
Insight Dynamics – VSE lets you:

» Plan capacity and power continuously
» Balance across physical and virtual resources
» Ensure cost-effective high availability
» Provision infrastructure consistently

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