Oracle releases MySQL 5.5

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oracle after the acquisition of SUN , comes out strongly with the new release of open source Database MySQL. They have upgraded the version from 5.1 from 5.5. Oracle is targetting Mysql 5.5 for Web applications , then buddy what is Oracle targetted for???

They say that Oracle database is the leading enterprise database for high-end packaged applications: enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, online transaction processing, large data warehouses and business intelligence applications.

MySQl is being widely used in opensource community and as it is part of LAMP, they believe it would be easier for LAMP administrators to handle MySQL when compared to ORacle.

When coming to Mysql 5.5 , whats new with this... 5.5 comes with better scalability and improved replication. Connection pooling has been improved drastically, now it can handle around 1000 connections at once. It also handles large datas with out slowing down the system.
The software can also offer additional performance gains when increasing the number of server cores beyond four, which previous versions were unable to do.

When looked at the performance level, Oracle showed that MySQL 5.5 showed a 360 percent improvement in reads and writes over version 5.1 running on Linux. On Windows Server machines, that performance gain jumped over 1,500 percent. "We get higher throughput in general with 5.5.

In terms of replication, the software now includes the ability to do semi-synchronous replications. Previous versions only offered asynchronous replications, meaning the backup copy of the database would not be updated as soon as new data was entered to the original.

These were the facts given by Oracle on its new release. Now lets wait and watch for more reviews on the usage of Mysql 5.5.

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