Samsung India Rolls out Froyo for Galaxy S users

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Samsung India has started to roll out the Google Andriod 2.2 Froyo Updates for galaxy s smartphone. Froyo is coming up with cool features which can really upgrade your smartphone to next level.

Now many users wanna download this and start experiencing the features of Froyo... now how many does really know what is Froyo????? Well in simple Froyo is an Mobile Platform.

Froyo users can expect a new homescreen widget and also bring in some minor changes and transitions and animations which seem a bit smoother.Froyo also lets you turn your phone into a hotspot—including for your Wi-Fi iPad.

Froyo also makes the performance faster when compared to the current speed. Andriod 2.2 is said to be more faster than earlier version and Froyo is up to 5x faster than Eclair, thanks to a just-in-time compiler. And that's just the OS; Google's also claiming that Froyo has the world's fastest mobile browser, period.

Now i think here comes the coolest feature of Froyo. When you download some application for your mobile on to your desktop, you need to connect your mobile to the pc rather the app gets installed on-air in your mobile phone..well this features looks ahead when looked onto iphone which need sync options.

Using Froyo you can access the camera from the browser itself.. and also includes voice recognistion for search. Hmmmmm when such a bunch of features are coming up with Froyo..what are you waiting for Galaxians :)

Froyo can be downloaded from Kites which is a samsung Desktop program.

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2 comments to “Samsung India Rolls out Froyo for Galaxy S users”

rashid2626 said...

TechFunk this mobile it is wonderful

Prashanth said...

Yeah Rashid.. i have seen this mobile and its really great... But when i guess Xperia, HTC, are equally good as this mobile.. one defect with this is ... video player i mean it doestnt support youtube videos (flash media player) clarity sucks in this mobile when watching youtube videos

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