Facebook and Google Gearing up to takeover Twitter?????

Friday, February 11, 2011

Twitter on sale????????? hmmmm its a big news though... the internet giant Google and Socialnetwork leader Facebook have held takeover talks with twitter. The amount on the bid is huge now.. its somewhere near $10 billion according to Wall street Journal.

Twitter has been a sensation in socialnetwork on internet and the new ways it adopted to build the network were incredible. Twitter was also pretty useful rather i would say it was poerful in marketting options.

Twitter is just four year old company and is been tough competetor for the internet giants like Facebook, Zynga and Linkedin. Twitter implemented many strategies to pull in the crowd which even facebook did. Twitter has gathered enough celebrities on to their site which pulled enormous crowd initially... and slowly it began to capture the market. Twitter apps supported by mobile phone which i felt one of the most important feature of this site... the funda is pretty simple... If the socialnetwork site suppports on any mobile device than that can be a pretty big thing.

Though Google is leading the online market and it has already got orkut in its account for the socialnetwork sector it's interest in twitter shows its prediction towards future. Coming to Facebook, i guess it can remove its competetor from the market rather doing this.. it can own the competetor and increase the hold on the market..

Well lets see how far it goes on this... i believe twitter is not yet ready to do so :)

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