Update status on Facebook through Mobile or landline !!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Facebook can be updated from your mobile, now one may think what's strange in this??????? yeah the strange thing is, it can be updated through your mobile but on voice. Not only from Mobile but can also be updated from landline. This is being done by a cloud service introduced by company named Ozonetel.

Facebook being the most popular social network platform, they believe this feature can be really helpfull for the users. But i guess calling from landline and updating facebook nopes it doesnt sound that catchy. There is no point in calling from landline and updating facebook. If the user doesnt have a computer or internet access , he will not be an internet savy and i believe they wont call from a landline and update Facebook and same goes with mobile.

I do not see this feature can be useful for the people to much extent. I only see this as company wanted to get exposed to the market by creating an unique app for facebook and yeah this can be useful to generate business for the company. I mean to say this idea is more on profit oriented but not a catchy or needfull thing for the users..

To register at Ozonetel's 'Cloud telephony platform' one has to log on to the Voice Buzz application and have to provide their phone number will not be shared with anyone .While logging on Facebook the user has to sync his Facebook account and to post the voice message one have to call 040-30512834 from his registered phone and can leave the voice message which will be instantly appear on Facebook feed.

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