Large Indian businesses' IT spend hit US$2.3B

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Large businesses in India spent almost US$2.3 billion on IT and telecommunications in 2007, according to research house, Access Markets International Partners (AMI-Partners).
Of the total amount, IT spending contributed over two-thirds, said AMI-Partners in a statement.
In particular, AMI-Partners highlighted networking remote locations, enhancing security and increasing storage as hot spots for companies over the next 12 months--over three-quarters of large businesses responding to an AMI-Partners survey said they were interested in network connectivity; two-thirds said security and storage were crucial.
Swati Sasmal, AMI-Partners senior research manager, noted that while large businesses--defined as companies having over 1,000 employees--make up a mere 0.3 percent of "PC-owning" businesses, their IT spending makes up almost a sixth of the total by Indian businesses.
"Hence, they provide a considerable opportunity and are much sought-after by IT vendors who can earn huge returns on investment through minimal marketing. [Large businesses] possess a high level of knowledge and expertise regarding IT solutions and a well-structured and systematic purchase process.
"They are also the frontrunners in trying out newer technology solutions. These factors make it easier for IT vendors to approach them for prospective sales," added Swati.
AMI-Partners noted that the focus on networking points to a trend in large enterprises moving toward integrating their business processes, and are more aware of the benefits of the efficiency and lower error rates which integration brings.
Another factor contributing to the higher spend is the booming market--according to AMI-Partners figures, "all businesses in this segment enjoyed revenue growth" over the last financial year to the tune of 20 percent on average, with this trend expected to continue over the next 12 months, too.

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