24 Nov: Software Testing Conference 2008

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Welcome back guys its been quite a period that i haven't given any post on my blog.
see here comes a rocking news to testing professionals accross India
I heard there is an 8th Annual Software Testing Conference (STC) 2008 to be held in Bengaluru by QAI.You can find Industry leaders gather to discuss the oppurtunities arising in the market of testing.

This is important for guys as it would be discussed in the current economic scenario.

Themed 'The Second Wave of Testing', the conference will bring together practitioners and thought leaders from the industry, academia and government, for sharing and exchanging ideas and learning in the area of software testing and process improvement. The two-day conference will be followed by post-conference tutorials across various cities.

The conference will also see speakers including Sashi Reddi, chairman, Applabs Technologies; Michel Guez, managing director, Smartesting; Murali Krishnan, director, testing services and operations, Cognizant Technologies; and Ranjana Narawane, lead technology capabilities, Accenture, amongst others.

Amongst the 600 delegates attending the conference, representatives from software companies in the Asia Pacific region including CTOs, CXOs, testing experts, consultants and trainers will be present. There has also been widespread interest from various international delegations like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Australia, to participate and avail of the opportunity to interact with the global leaders of the outsourced testing industry.

Practitioners from various testing organisations contest for The Testing Leadership Award at the conference. The conference this year has received over 330 best papers and practices from over 85 maturity companies across the world.

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