Windows 7 Ready to Release

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Microsoft on Wednesday said it has finalized the code, making the way for the software to make its way onto retail shelves and new PCs in time for its October 22 launch.

Microsoft is keenly looking on to the release of this OS and hopes to differ from the earlier release of the OS which was Vista. Windows Vista didnt had a good review in the market. Lots of bugs and issues have been raised on its performance and compatibility. Microsoft is launching its new OS after 2 years and hoping for a better release.

Windows 7 relies on the same underpinnings as Windows Vista, but adds a lot of features aimed at making the operating system both look and perform better.

Visually, it does a better job of managing open windows through an improved taskbar and a feature that lets users peek at one particular window or see the desktop that is hidden below all of the windows. On the performance side, it boots up and shuts down faster, and can run better on Netbooks and low-end machines.

Microsoft is also working hard in marketting windows 7.Microsoft plans to offer Windows 7 in a number of different versions ranging from a low-end "starter edition" to an ultra-high-end "ultimate version." However, it expects most people in the U.S. and other developed markets to run either the Home Premium or Professional editions.

Now its been more than 10 days that Microsoft has not made any changes to code of Windows 7. It says that Microsoft is pretty confident about its new Release.

"After we produce a build, all the different teams will go through their test path," said Iain MacDonald, the general manager of the Windows Server unit. Microsoft also on Wednesday finalized the server version of Windows 7--a modest update known as Windows Server 2008 R2.

The actual build that Microsoft is using as the final one--build 7600.16385--has already leaked to the Web--several days ahead of Microsoft's confirmation that it was, in fact, the final version.

Well Lets hope for the best. Microsoft is getting ready to rock the market.

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