Kilimanjaro Microsoft SQL server 2010

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kilimanjaro is no longer just an inactive volcano in Tanzania, as Microsoft has borrowed the name to designate the next iteration of its data platform. Microsoft is coming up with big release of much awaited sql server 2010 . Good news for all sql server developers and admin , get ready for the new tool coming into your hands loaded with new features .As per the information first Preview build is by late 2009 around dec or jan 2010 and release is in late 2010 or early 2011.Its code name is Kilimanjaro

“Kilimanjaro is focused on 'People Ready BI'. A key component of Kilimanjaro is 'Project Gemini', this is all about self-service BI using Excel. The vision behind Gemini is to free IT resources by giving business intelligence analysis and reporting capabilities to the end-users without IT losing control,” revealed a "Technology Solution Professional" for the Data Platform.

SQL Server 2010 will focus on what the company calls “managed self service” with new reporting tools. Microsoft promises with this release to make it easier for users to pull data from various sources, but make all that work traceable by IT. What’s new here is new in-memory features that will let users pull all that data into Excel, lay out out tables and charts with clickable elements”.

SQL Server 2008 shipped with Policy-Based Management, a way for DBAs to control large numbers of instances by setting up configuration policies. For example, we can create policies that every table must have a primary key, or that all stored procedures must begin with usp. SQL Server 2010 takes this to the next logical level by enabling these policies by default.

Stay tuned for more information....

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