9-year-old Kid as an IT administrator

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How old we were when we heard about some thing called computers, and have anyone thought about computers at the age of 6 and start studying them? Hardly imaginable to do that rite, but Macedonia's Marko Calasan got his first professional credential at age 6, when he passed the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator exam. Now 9, he just went for the follow-on systems engineer certification. Sounds cool rite, at the age of 6 i hardly thought about my schools books forget about some things like Microsoft certifications which most of our Software engineers do at present.

I started using computers at the age of 14 i guess when i was in 9th standard and just use to do some paint brush and play some DOS games. And most of the kids do the same , but Marko already has his first computer administrating gig.

Marko manages a network of PCs at a nonprofit that works with people with disabilities. Most of the work, Marko said, can be done remotely, though he has to go in person to handle hardware issues.

Guys Microsoft should be happy that there is little bomb who is Fan of Microsoft at the age of 6 , imagine what he could be when turns aroung 20. Recently there was a survey by a magazine for "From which part of the world would be next Bill Gates ", Surver reveiled it could be probably in India or China, but now it seems like it can also be from USA by looking at Marko.

Befitting his interests, Marko had the Windows 7 logo on his most recent birthday cake when he turned nine last July.

What makes Marko interesting is , he also trains people from remote machines about adminstration. This is marvelous thing to belive.When he is not in school, or remotely managing IT for a nonprofit, Marko teaches computer skills to other children at a lab donated by Macedonia's Ministry of Education.

Recently Marko was also part of a seminar where he was talking about Active Directory.Here, Marko is speaking to a crowd at Microsoft's Slovenian offices.

Guys look at the future now, the kids are too fast to get used to computers no only get used they also look at the technical aspects and Microsoft will get an good asset in the future in the form Marko who is showing his interest in Microsoft at the age of 6. Unbelievable but true.

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This kid is really amazing, great article bro

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