what really 3G offers????

Monday, January 3, 2011

3G the word which is very popular among the mobilephone users 2010. 3G and Android are the two buzz words which rocked the market in the year 2010. Now lets stick onto 3G and later on we will move on to Android. How many of you really know whats 3G and what it really offers???? come lets look onto some of the key features given by 3G..

Well the mobile networks started with 1G then 2G,2.5 than 3G. whats really 1G ... well 1G is 1st generation of mobiles which enabled only voice calling which was the main feature of mobilephone:) then came 2G which brought in the features like push-to-talk, SMS, conference calls, caller ID, voicemail and simple data applications like e-mail and Web browsing over the phone. Then came 2.5G which got in the features that include faxing, large e-mail messages, efficient Web browsing, maps for realtime navigation and basic multimedia over the phone.

Finally we are landed up with 3G with much more features like Faster internet acces with increased bandwith and also provides video conferencing, voice-over-IP (VoIP), full motion video and music streaming.

The features that came up with 3G has impacted business a lot.. come lets look onto some of the features that are very usefull for the professional business.

Secure remote access network connectivity

This has given option for remote access of your desktop means one can access their work location from any remote location :)

Video conferencing

Many know this feature and this is one of major breakthrough in mobile communications

Access to critical business applications

Limited access to the company’s critical systems like ERP, CRM, and business intelligence applications on your mobile phone, can be had over 3G-enabled mobile phones

Faster e-mail, with bigger attachments

A faster 3G network will allow bigger attachments to be downloaded from and uploaded to the Web

Location tracking will become easy
GPS featured on mobiles with high speed.

Video surveillance and better last mile connectivity
It will become possible to effectively monitor remote locations using cameras, which will be able to continuously stream video back to a central hub, using 3G networks.
Mobile phones as modems

By using a 3G phone as a modem and connecting it with a laptop, professionals can use the Internet at high speeds, wirelessly, from anywhere.

These the features which are useful for the business sector like IT industry. When coming to backdrops of 3G .. there are not enough towers which cover this network which may lead your mobile to take on 2G network immediately when you are out of coverage for 3G.

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