Mobiado Unveils World's Thinnest 'Luxury' Phone

Monday, June 2, 2008

If you can't break a record outright, try qualifying it slightly. "Fastest person to complete a marathon... in a car", for example. This is exactly what Mobiado has done with its Professional 105 ZAF . It is the world's thinnest luxury phone (and at 10.6mm or 0.4", it could also try out for the title "world's thickest phone").
We assume that "luxury" in this case refers to the price only, as the features are anything but. In fact your everyday burner is more luxurious in this respect: 1GB memory, a 2" 320 x 240 screen, a 2MP camera and a video player. When the feature list goes on to mention "stainless steel keypad" and "Calculator", you might hear the rasping sound of a barrel being scraped.
So where does the money go? Aside from convincing cash-burdened morons that the phone is valuable because it is expensive, the price seems to cover nothing more than some stainless steel screws, a little anodizing for the aluminum chassis and two slabs of sapphire crystal, front and back. The price is unannounced, but as this is from Mobiado, you know it won't be coming free with a contract.

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