Tag Your House With UV-based Temporary Grafitti

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Look at the technology how it is goin up. now you can even spray paints on the light sensitive surfaces that produces temporary digital effects rendered in the real time. This is launched by Randam International's and named as Glow graffiti.
The interesting thing is RI's patented light sensitive surfaces change their graphic properties (such as their contrast) under exposure to the UV light. In order for the gadget to work, you have to use the special canvas.
The RI design house has created several of these type of digital paint gadgets. All are based on a design that previously linked electro-mechanical solenoid valves in the head of a paint roller to a computer that informed the valves with data to create the image. But what i think is we should not play around with these kind of gadgets most often and i think removal of harmful tobacco in fake cigs never completely cures the urge.
But guys this is not yet lanched in India and is only available in Uk and cost around 50 $.

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