Vista vs Fedora 10

Thursday, December 11, 2008

This is everlasting conversation according to me bcz this is the debate which was goin accross linux and windows. But one thing i can say is that linux was trying accross to make user feel comfortable working on their environment when compared to windows. when comparing vista and fedora , Vista has an advantage: it comes already installed on most systems. By contrast, pre-installations of GNU/Linux, such as Dell's Ubuntu systems, are still rare.
Both Windows and GNU/Linux distributions now feature graphical install programs and first-time boot wizards with detailed instructions that any intermediate user can understand.
But still i feel like user is comfartable installing windows from scratch rather than linux.
Here are the few points which i can compare are
Look and Feel
Now Fedora and Vista look similar. But Now Fedora has many things that can really overtake windows.There are differences in menus and Listing out of currently running programs.
I am listing out the features of vista and fedora so that you can have a clear view whats new in these before you start comparing the both.
here are Features of Vista listed out below

Bring Vista's Best New and Improved Apps to XP

A Better Explorer: Windows Explorer is one of the most improved applications in Vista, thanks to added features like breadcrumb navigation, better file previews, and more.
Encrypt Your Hard Drive: Some versions of Vista—toward the Ultimate end of the scale—come with a new drive encryption software called BitLocker built in.

Take Quick and Easy Screenshots: PrtScrn has been around forever, but it's never been the most user-friendly way to get a screenshot.

Bring Vista's Best Functional Features to XP
ask-Switching à la Flip 3D: Vista's Flip 3D is like Alt-Tab on steroids, displaying full previews of each window as you move through it.
Integrated Start Menu Search and Launch: Dubbed Instant Search by Microsoft, this new feature adds a search box to the Windows Start menu for quick searching and launching of documents and applications.
Replace the Windows Sidebar
Live Thumbnail Previews of Files
Speed Up Your System with a Thumb Drive
Streamline Your File Renaming:
Taskbar Window Previews
Self-tuning and diagnostics
Startup, sleep, and shutdown performance
More responsive
Windows SuperFetch
Low-priority I/O
Disk defragmentation on a schedule
Faster access to DVDs and music
Diagnosing performance issues
Performance gains from Windows Vista and new hardware
Windows ReadyBoost
Windows ReadyDrive

Fedora 10

AMQP Infrastructure A technology that makes it easy to build scalable, interoperable, high-performance enterprise applications Appliance Tools Tools and meta-data that make it easier for anyone (ISVs, developers, OEMS, etc) to create and deploy virtual appliances
Artistic 1.0 License Removal Remove all packages licensed under only the Artistic 1.0 license before Fedora 10
Better Printing Improve management and handling of printers
Better Remote Support Make it easier to connect to remote controls and have them just work with many applications.
Better Start-up Stream line graphical start up
Better Webcam Support Improved webcam support
Connection Sharing Enable adhoc network sharing
Eclipse 3.4 Rebase Eclipse to version 3.4
Evdev Input Driver Evdev is being used as the default input driver for X.Org.
Faster Startup Decrease the amount of time it takes to start and stop fedora
First Aid Kit First Aid Kit is an automated recovery tool that brings together common recovery processes and applies them to a system
Glitch Free Audio Rewrite the PulseAudio sound server to use timer-based audio scheduling
Gnome 2.24 Re-base Fedora to Gnome 2.24
GStreamer RPM dependencies Assist automated installation of GStreamer codecs provided by third-party repositories
Kernel Modes Setting for Graphics Move graphic mode initialization from the X server's DDX drivers to the kernel
LiveConnect Allows JavaScript from web browsers to connect to a Java(TM) Virtual Machine and vice-versa.
LXDE Desktop Make the LXDE lightweight X11 desktop environment available in Fedora
NetBeans IDE Add the NetBeans IDE to Fedora 2008-09-09
Online Accounts Service Provides applications with credentials for user's online accounts listed on or stored in GConf.
Python NSS Bindings Include a newly developed package which provides python bindings for NSS
Remote Virtual Install Enable the creation of virtual machines on remote hosts
RPM 4.6 Update RPM to 4.6
Save to Bugzilla Auto create bugzilla entry with anaconda tracebacks
Sbin Sanity Add /usr/local/sbin:/usr/sbin:/sbin to the PATH for normal users to simplify command-line administration tasks
Security Audit A new security audit system and intrusion detection system
Sugar Desktop Include the Sugar Desktop (used in OLPC) in Fedora
Virtual Storage Make storage provisioning over libvirt connections (local and remote) virtual machines as simple as possible.

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