Is Microsoft stumbling to capture the market?????

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Microsoft the software giant has got another hit(i mean a bad one) on its business. Well Microsoft was trying too hard to capture the market filled up with technologies floating around. The classic examples are Microsoft kin, Microsoft bing, Microsoft IE9,Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Phone 7 , so on......

what i wanted to say is, Microsoft is trying its best in diversified sectors starting from its own game OS war to browser War and from playstations to Mobile industry. Microsoft’s engineers and executives spent two years creating a new line of smartphones with playful names that sounded like creatures straight out of “The Cat in the Hat” — Kin One and Kin Two.

It is clear that Microsoft wanted to increase the sales of its products which attract the youngsters who look for socialnetworking features and flashy features with the mobiles. But interestingly Kin didnt succeed which Microsoft never expected. This shows Microsoft is poor in providing gadgets for youngsters.

I really dont know why such a big technology company is struggling to produce the gadgets where Apple, Amazo,.Google are succeeded to lot extent. May be it is due to opensource strategy followed by other companies, they are getting succeeded.

The Kins’ flop adds to a long list of products — from watches to music players — that have plagued Microsoft’s consumer division, while its business group has suffered as well through less-than-successful offerings like Windows Vista and Windows for tablet computers.

Steve ballmer has really got a tough job to do here. As Microsoft is totally failed on captalising the changing trends with the market.

In 2008, Microsoft acquired a start-up, Danger, that had built popular mobile phone software, hoping that technology would revitalise its waning phone software business. But Microsoft stumbled as it took longer than expected to create a new product with the technology. In April, Microsoft finally introduced the fruits of this labour when it unveiled the Kin phones.

In contrast, Google, a chief Microsoft rival, also bought a mobile technology start-up — Android. Both Android and Danger were co-founded by Andy Rubin, who joined Google. That sounds cool...

Microsoft, however, has reassigned the Kin development team and put them to work on Windows Phone 7, yet another mobile phone platform, expected later this year.

The basic problem is Opensource is strongly impacting the microsoft's growth.The vast majority of technology start-ups today rely on open-source software.
And so the technology-minded people coming out of college have started learning their craft on free software and betting their careers on non-Microsoft wares.

For example, if young group of entreprenuers want to startup a technology company it will be a tough task to buy Microsoft software and so they opt for open source. Microsoft has tried to court young developers and young companies. In November 2008, it created a pair of programs that give students free access to Microsoft’s business and developer software. In addition, Microsoft allows some start-ups to run their operations on its software at no cost over a limited period.

About 35,000 start-ups have been involved in the program since it began, the company said.

“For the most part, Microsoft has been great to work with,” said Mark Davis, the chief executive of Virsto, a software start-up that received aid from Microsoft. “It’s funny to be in Silicon Valley and say that.”

Others, however, laugh at the idea that Microsoft requires the start-ups to meet certain guidelines and jump through hoops to receive software, when its free software competitors simply allow anyone to download products off a Web site with the click of a button.

BUt Microsoft has to seriously think upon their startegies to hold the grip on the market. I believe they are trying too many ways to gain the grip but i believe such a technology giant doesnt need too much of diversified plans to penetrate into markets. All they need to do is look onto their conditions, strategies and plan. Thats it... i can say that's is bcz its easy to say but i know its very tough to do :)

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