HP's Cloud technology ease the Mobile web access

Thursday, July 8, 2010

HP Labs India has developed a cloud-based technology, called SiteonMobile, that simplifies accessing content and doing transactions on the Web. Well as i always said Mobile is the next big thing and it is the future, techonology is developed towards mobiles more and more day by day...

I say this is can be a next milestone in mobile technology bcoz users can send just an sms or a calling up a number that invokes the relavent TaskLet on the cloud... Now you may thinks what's TaskLet. this is the core media of this technology... when ever a user wants to navigate web to achieve some task, users needs to go through lot of steps where as in this technology these steps are encapsulated in the cloud app. that HP calls as TaskLet.

As India has the largest market for the mobile users where over 600 million mobile connections are exisitng, HP wanted to create this technology way back in 2008 as most of the users interested in accessing web through their mobiles.

Even though there are more than 600 million connections here in India the biggest challange for the mobile companies is most of the users are not intellectual to use Web on Mobiles specially mass sector, but HP says this technology doesnt need any technical knowledge to use this technology, all they need to do is creating a tasklet.

As more than 50 percent of users have low-end phones without browsing capabilities, the new technology throws open the Internet to a new category of users who may not even have an Internet connection.

HP Labs is offering the technology by invitation through the SiteonMobile Web site. The technology is also being piloted with three companies. The lab expects that a large number of vendors offering a variety of services will find it useful to use the HP Labs technology to offer TaskLets to potential customers.

you can find more information on SiteonMobile Web site.


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