Find Your Stolen Laptop With Locate Laptop!

Monday, March 10, 2008

When a laptop gets stolen, it is not just the physical loss of a machine but also the loss of valuable and sensitive information that it stores. Unfortunately, corporate and individuals do not have a plan to counter this yet. Realising this need, Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd has come up with a new software product -– Locate Laptop, powered by proprietary WebSniff technology. Developed in-house by Unistal, Locate Laptop can locate reportedly stolen laptops leveraging on the World Wide Web.
Locate Laptop not only tracks and recovers stolen computers, but also deters theft. It keeps track of the whereabouts of each employee while travelling, and the moment he logs in via the Web, a report is generated with his complete details and is sent to a designated individual within the organisation. This is done without the knowledge of the employee, so as to maintain privacy. All that users have to do is install Locate Laptop on to their computers. In an event of theft or loss, users need to report to Unistal's emergency response team or login to their Personal Tracking and Monitoring Page and submit the theft/loss. This activates Locate Laptop's WebSniff technology and alerts as soon as the offender connects to the Internet. The city and IP address are informed to the user. It keeps tracking all the locations whenever the offender connects to the Internet. With the help of local law enforcement authorities, users can retrieve their laptop. "Laptop thefts and loss are on an incessant rise and have led to serious damages for professionals and corporate. According to credible industry sources, 97 per cent of stolen computers are never recovered, and 57 per cent of corporate crimes are linked to them ... all the more reason for corporate and individual professionals to be proactive and adopt preventive measures like Locate Laptop," said Alok Gupta, director, Unistal Systems.Locate Laptop is available at all Unistal's authorised channel partners at a price of Rs 3,000 ($55) per licence. It can also be bought online at Unistal is also offering money back guarantee on the product to its Indian customers which states that they will get five times the cost of Locate Laptop software in case the laptop is not traceable.

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