Gazelle a New Browser by Microsoft

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Microsoft Guys are involved in very busy developmet specially researchers. They say that they are developing a browser which has far more better security when compared to Google Chrome or Firefox infact they mentioned it has more security features when compared to their own existing IE.They are building with such an approach that processes has no direct interaction with underlying system and are mediated by system calls supplied by the browser kernel.

Till Now the browser is just a prototype, with features based on IE. They say that due to more security features it is slow but they say with few tweeks it can be made faster.

They Named the Browser as Gazelle and is being developed in C# code called a "Browser Kernel" that helps enforce security Rules to prevent malicious access to PC's Underlying OS.

Gazelle is different from some other browsers in that it considers each part of a Web site -- such as iframes, subframes and plugins -- as separate elements. Some of those elements can pull in malicious content from other Web sites. Google's Chrome runs a Web page and its elements in a single process.

Another interesting feature of Gazelle is aimed at blocking so-called race condition attacks. In that scenario, an attacker creates a Web page aimed at making a user click on an area of the page. But just before the predicted click happens, an overlay is drawn into the page, which could cause a user to be attacked.

Well iam waiting for this release by Microsoft as i wanted to see to what extent it can provide better security.And also there is a news that microsoft is coming up with a better search engine KUMO to compete the internet market of Google,yahoo.

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