Sony Security Searches for a Vein : ' Morfia '

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We have seen high-fi Gadgets for authentication which were visualised in some hollywood movies like Mission Impossible and Minority report or Total Recall. In these movies we seen some gadget authenticating Eye-Retina or scanning whole body .

But now Sony is making it reality.

This is very advanced authentication system as far as my knowledge concerned. Now Sony has announced it has developed a compact, finger vein authentication technology that it says will be available in laptops and mobile phones later this year.

This authentication has an interesting name "Morfia" which is expected to have higher accuracy when compared to other authentication systems.

Sony's rival Hitachi has had its finger vein authentication products available since last year, while Fujitsu offers a palm scan technology for both computers and general building access systems. That said, most users are probably still entering passwords to unlock their computers, even if biometric scanners are available on their machines. Why?
It shows that the existing are still unreliable and not compact.
But Morfia from sony is fast in response and accurate too which can be mounted even into mobile devices. It uses the CMOS sensor that digitally captures scattered light inside the finger veins.

Sony claims false rejection rate for the technology is less than 0.1 percent and processing time for identification takes only about 0.015 seconds using a personal computer CPU and about 0.25 seconds using a mobile phone CPU.

Well we need to have a keen look at the future as these technology makers are bringing it to reality which were fictuos before 5 years or 10 years. Hope technology wont take over the Human Race as shown in the movies. Ha ha ha ........

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