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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Innovation is a word which makes the technology industry filled up with the enegry. In the same way using the things around you and inventing something new is a cool thing. Now this is about a Indian guy who used google api and developed the google search engine with some cool customized features.

GooglenGoogle is the name given to that web site and when asked about this site with Livingstone (MD of googlengoogle) he said, we want to provide easy ways to search and appropriate information with little effort to the people who use google for their information.They say that it can be very useful for the people wo searches for the information in the format of .pdf, .doc or any other extension specified them.

This can be a new way of search from GooglenGoogle.

The Intersting thing i found about this site is a feature called "Locator". Damn they have used Google maps api and customised them in such a way that it is very easy for the user to locate anyplace accross the world with in no time and at the same time the screen is divided into 3 screens , Middle part shows the map and other two displays the information about that place using google search engine. This is pretty cool feature as you need not open two or three windows for the same information which you get from this locator screen.The screen shot is given below

Other part of this site is to search images with your extension specified or image type specified. When you search in you get all types of images (with diff file formats like .jpeg,.png,...) but here you have an option to specify what format you need and you get them at a click of a button.

Here are features listed out on Googlengoogle

Web - GooglenGoogle can be used as a normal search along with additional features. With a click of a button we can search for docs, pdf, ppt, xls, swf files. Time frame search is provided to know latest (24 Hrs, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year) results of the search query. Time Frame search can be used to know news, current affairs and latest updates for any search query.

Color Search - provides options for searching in different color backgrounds. This is limited to web search only and not applicable for other searches.
Image Search - Search for Images and Videos with single search query.With a click of a button we can search for jpg, png, gif,bmp file types.Interface looks cool and different.

Wiki Search - Search all Wiki sites around the world (not just Wikipedia). Do you know, there are thousands of wiki sites and they provide very good information. Importance of wiki is they provide qualitative information.

Locator - Locate your favorite places, shopping malls, cinema halls, restaurants, pubs and so on with maps and addresses.

Domain Search - Ex: Education search is fine tuned to provide quality results related to learning. This can be used by people from all streams and age groups who want to learn any new topic - From Software to Politics to Medicine to Science and so on. Sports search is tailor made for sports enthu people. We can access live scores, live streaming, highlights, records etc with in a click of a button.

Well i can say is this a cool work done buy another indian techie. Googlengoogle will be a new way to search the information.

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Anonymous said...

oh wow this looks cool... very nice idea

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