IBM Launches Green Consulting Service

Monday, March 9, 2009

For the past few years Government was publisising about the importance of environmental impact. Its a tedious thing to analyze energy and water use, assess waste management, evaluate overall environmental impact and develop improvement strategies.

Now IBM has introduced the consulting service for the government to provide them a facility which eases their assement on this environmental stuff. They provide the Government to have better understanding on overall performance on Environmental issues, identify improvements that can increase energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact including greenhouse gas emissions, and help ensure public institutions meet their own rising environmental standards.

This was very good thing initiated by IBM as this is requirement which is in need by the people ."Citizens everywhere are demanding that governments improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact, and public officials at every level are responding by raising standards for how they operate," said Eric Riddleberger, IBM's business strategy consulting global leader, who heads up the company's corporate social responsibility consulting efforts. "Using a comprehensive approach that employs new, smart processes and tools to assess current performance and develop improvements can help public agencies meet those standards while maintaining proper levels of public service."

By using this service the consumer can judge the requirements according to the priority given by the system. Like they provide the informtion about the priority using the colour coding. Red suggests that it is an high priority action. Using this Government can get assistance in developing the strategies for implementing the changes.

Specific areas addressed in the diagnostic are: environmental management systems; energy and greenhouse gases; water management; waste and disposal; facilities and equipment; and workforce programmes.

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