Life-saving technology for powered two-wheelers

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Keeping in mind regarding serious injuries and fatal accidents on motor cycles and motor scooters anti-locking devices on motorcycles and motor scooters were launched by motorcycle brake systems.German Tier 1 supplier Continental has developed this antilock braking system (ABS) for motorcycles.This weighs around 1.2kg, the ABS system can be adapted to fit various motorcycle models. Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Aprilia, has now equipped the three of its models – the Mana, Shiver and Dorsoduro – with the new system.

There was research conducted by German;s Federal highway on motorcycle accidents and it revealed that one among five is happened due to locking of front. And ABS can prevent 93% of crashes from occuring.Looking at this particular technology i feel like this can be implemented for racing bikes or high speed machines not on the Indian roads where you get hardly 80 Kmph max speed with out any traffic.
ABS could prevent 93% of these crashes from occurring. Even if the braking distance is insufficient to prevent a collision, ABS greatly reduces the speed of the impact by controlling the braking maneuver
speaking on this Dirk Remde, director of Motorcycle brake systems said “It is just as important for motorcycles that the vehicle remains stable when braking hard, as it is for cars. When the front wheel locks, it almost always ends up with the bike crashing”, he continues. The ABS sensors on the front and rear wheels check how fast the wheels are rotating when the brakes are applied. If they start to lock, a control device cuts the braking pressure and reduces the risk of the cyclist will losing control of the bike.

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