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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ecommerce this is word which known to many people accross the world. European countries and USA are already utilising shopping portals to lot extent. when compared in India people here are still not aware of online shopping. Online shopping portals are the one which may be seen used a lot in the future. Reasearch says that Online shopping can be one thing which can be considered very serious aspect in the development on the environment.

The researchers compared the carbon footprint of a typical trip from a local delivery depot with that of average shopping trips by car and by bus, and found home deliveries involved a much lower level of carbon emissions. And also imagine all you need to do is just a click and the goods are at your place with no effort of yours.

The team from the Logistics Research Centre at the university found that a typical van-based home delivery produces 181g of CO2, compared with 1,265g for a bus trip and 4,274g for a trip by car.

It means a shopper would have to buy 24 items when going by car or seven items when going by bus to equal the lower level of carbon emissions created by having one item delivered by van.

Well one thing i can say is using the online concept of online shopping as we discussed we can develop the evranment around us and reduce the pollution and traffic and also one key aspect is that in India people still not aware of online shopping , so we can assume that it can be the booming market around where people are getting more and more used to the internet. So this could be a very good chance for enterpreunuers who want to start up their business on the Web.

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